Modified from product page The stabilizer is a YouTube vlogger’s dream as it can transform your phone or GoPro into a state-of-the-art, high tech camera. The gimbal can pan, tilt, zoom-in, and enter various recording modes that can highlight your subjects to the max. I personally love the look and feel of the gimbal especially the comfort grip handle. So if you’re someone who struggles to take good videos or is a content creator that wants beautiful footage at an affordable price, then join me on this review to see why you should invest in the Funsnap Capture 2.

Product Information

Why Capture 2 Gimbal Is the Ultimate Phone Accessory for YouTube

If your videos always look distorted, then maybe it’s time to try something new. And despite our phone cams’ advancements, sometimes it still isn’t enough. The Capture 2 attempts a different approach and here are a few reasons why it outdoes even your most advanced smartphone.

List of Funsnap Features

3-Axis Gimbal Auto Face Tracking Long Battery Life Vertical/Horizontal Switching Joystick Controls Broad Phone Compatibility Non-Blurry Photos/Videos

3-Axis Gimbal

The 3-axis gimbal gives the product fluidity, accuracy, and it’s just fun and easy to use. All you need to do is unlock the arm and place your phone into the holder and that’s it! When you power on the Capture 2 it’ll automatically lock its parts into place so that you can start your professional recording session. Just make sure to download and use the Capture 2 app to access the many modes and features to make your photos/videos truly stand out.

Auto Face Tracking

I absolutely love this feature and so will many vloggers. With auto-tracking, your face becomes the subject and all your head movements will be tracked perfectly. It works exceptionally well with GoPros and high-end devices. Now you’ll never miss another moment to share your expressions again.

Long Battery Life

With a built-in 4000mAh battery, you’ll get up to 12hrs of usage on a full charge. The last thing anyone wants is a dead product and it’s a major frustration nowadays, so I’m thankful customers will get plenty of runtime out of it.

Vertical/Horizontal Switching

The one-key directional switching will make you feel like a skilled videographer. With a few simple hand motions, the gimbal will switch your phone from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa. The transition is seamless and you can capture so much more depth by utilizing it.

Joystick Controls

The gimbal has an actual joystick near the power button that lets you pan/move your phone or GoPro to get the best possible shot. I use the joystick a lot when the gimbal is on the tripod just to make sure every visual is ideal.

Broad Phone Compatibility

The Capture 2 works with most smartphones made after 2016 including iPhone, LG, Samsung, Pixel, and other Android phones. Just make sure your phone’s OS is either Android 8.1+ or iOS 10+ otherwise the app and a lot of the product’s functionality won’t run correctly.

Non-Blurry Photos/Videos

This is sort of a moot point but surprisingly not all stabilizers provide non-blurry photos and videos. Luckily this is not the case with the Capture 2 as every recording thus far has been excellent. Each frame looks clear, there’s little to no blur, and it performed better than I expected. You’d think you would need to spend 100s to get a good camera stabilizer but apparently not. The Funsnap does the job and it does it well.

The Hidden Features of the Funsnap Handheld Camera Stabilizer

Outside of the obvious features are a few hidden gems that advanced creators will greatly appreciate.

List of Advanced Features

Fine Tune Scrolling Wheel Trigger Button 3 Shooting Modes PhoneGo Mode FPV Time/Hyperlapse/Slow-Motion Recording

Fine Tune Scrolling Wheel

On the side of the gimbal is a wheel that can zoom in/out when turned, however, you can also scroll/pan around if you press said wheel. This is a really effective feature because you’re able to zoom in or out and adjust the camera at the same time. But if you’d rather not fiddle around with the zooming wheel then you can always use the joystick to move your camera too.

Trigger Button

The “trigger” button on the back of the gimbal does a lot of interesting things that could come in handy. For one it could switch between various modes like origin, lock & power-on, and second, the functionality can switch to PhoneGo mode if changed in the app (see PhoneGo Mode).


This mode can be turned on in the app settings, and it essentially allows the roll axis to follow the handle movement of the Capture 2 to capture a scene with a rotating effect. FPV or first-person view is similar to auto-face tracking except this time it follows your handheld gimbal’s movements. This mode is particularly useful when capturing action shots with a GoPro.

Time/Hyperlapse/Slow-Motion Recording

If you’re really feeling experimental then you can try timelapse, hyperlapse, and slow-motion recording. All of these can be accessed from the app though it takes some time getting used to. I’ve never done any sort of timelapse recording, so I’m not the expert on this but I can definitely see the net benefit for those that are knowledgeable. Additionally, I did experiment a little with these features and the videos came out looking better than without using the Capture 2.

Funsnap Capture 2: Final Review

This was my first time testing a smartphone camera stabilizer and it’s been a positive experience. There were some issues that I came across but a lot of that was probably due to inexperience with using one of these devices. I give the Funsnap Capture 2 Handheld Camera Stabilizer 4 out of 5 stars. There’s definitely a learning curve with the more advanced functionalities in the app but the gimbal itself was very easy to use. The only negative I had was that the product kept unlocking and beeping if I moved it a certain way, but I’m not sure if this was due to my phone’s weight/size or what. They recommend you not use a case when mounting your phone, and I imagine this was why I experienced these problems. The device does come with a balancing weight in case you run into issues, so please use if necessary. Overall I had a pleasant time trying this product but I also acknowledge that it’s not for everybody. This is a very niche product that may click with vloggers, videographers, action photographers, and other types of content creators but it probably won’t catch on with the general public. So for those reasons, I can’t give it a perfect rating but I will recommend it to anyone who is part of those niche groups or to those just looking to improve their recording skills. The Funsnap Capture 2 Handheld Smartphone Camera Stabilizer may not be for everyone but for those interested, it’s a hidden gem that professionals, vloggers, and the most curious among us will love.

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