Posted by @astro_alexandra, the below video explains all you need to know, including the fascinating role the moon will play in this extraordinary event.


“I saw this in Hercules,” writes commenter @sidneyraz. “We need to stop the release of the titans.” “What if you don’t have a telescope?” asks @aarons.yellowdoor. “You don’t need one,” replies @astro_alexandra. “Noooo,” writes viewer of the video @ajw503. “I’ll be on a plane during that time. Would it be visible from the aircraft?” “Probably,” answers @astro_alexandra. “Unless the clouds are in the way.” “OMG, the moon standing in is so cute,” says @centaurofattn. User @banana_cubes declares, “I shall be sitting outside at 3:50 a.m. watching the stars.” “Good thing I stay up till sunrise!” announces @jskfbsj1. Video watcher @blondiesp1ce has an announcement as well: “Hey, that’s my birthday!” she exclaims. Recommended for you

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