Posted by TikTok user @nelyy.e, the below video shows what it’s like to be spooked in a creepy haunted car wash.


“I think I just discovered by biggest fear,” writes commenter @rosslynhonse68. “There’s one like it where I live and it scared my girl,” says @nelyy.e. “I forgot the doors were unlocked and they opened her side and I died laughing.” “I love everything scary,” says @tabersa. “This would be so cool!” “OK, this seems amazing because they’re not like touching you,” remarks @itchysalanander69. “You can just sit and scream but be cozy at the same time.” “I went to one and I started crying,” admits @taytem_beck. “I work at one of those,” writes @stranger_things_lover21. “They’re so fun.” “I would be like, ’lock the doors, now!’” imagines @_rxujin.1. “My three-your-old loves going to the car wash with me,” writes @kescobar22. “Good thing they don’t do it where I go. She would be terrified.” Recommended for you

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