The video is shared with us by TikTok user @tech, and it is worth a look for the robot alone. But it’s also good to acknowledge the people that help keep our beautiful outdoor spaces clean.


“Good job, Soldier, you save the beach,” writes a commenter. “It’s the start of Wall-E,” observes another. A viewer of the video likes what she sees. “Such a genius,” she says. “Thanks for your job,” writes a user. One writes simply, “We need that, actually.” A few commenters key in on how the man picking up the litter situates the knife in his belt. “It’s the knife facing up for me,” one writes. “That’s a weird way to holster a knife,” writes another. Another commenter is inspired: “I wanna be a robotic engineer when I grow up and I wanna make stuff like this.” Fantastic. We appreciate the enthusiasm, the simple but effective robot, and the help keeping the beach clean. Recommended for you

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