This TikToker was reminded of that lesson the hard way when he tried to make a portable “Bat Signal” out of a portable flashlight. But not just any flashlight — one with a whopping 100,000 lumens of brightness. The results are, well, nearly explosive … literally.


The tech TikToker known as Kyle Krueger, tried to make a bat signal out of his Imalent flashlight using just printer paper, and perhaps you knew as soon as the video started that it was going to go poorly. Regardless, the end result was both hilarious and honestly relieving that it didn’t escalate into a 911 situation. We’re sure he’ll be back with another attempt at a portable bat signal with something more solid and heat-resistant than literally paper. In the meantime, here are the best takes. “Point it at the sky — not the trees,” one viewer said, missing the point of the fire hazard entirely. “Maybe do it but don’t put it directly on the torch,” another said, which is a great point. “It worked, I’m here,” one commenter known as simply “Beyond_Batman” replied with, basically winning the internet that day. Recommended For You

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