You must be thinking that, What is tutuapp?. Whether it is an app or some hack. Tutuapp is a Chinese appstore or online inventory from where you can download millions of cracked free apps and games.  IT is also called Bunny Assistant and it has a Rabbit as its logo. What I will show you today is how you can download Pokemon GO tutuapp for android and hack real life walking in pokemon go.

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You may be pretty well familiar with PokemonGoAnywhere. The hack is used for tap to walk in pokemon go. But this does not works now as reported by users. So, to hack pokemon walking you need to download tutuapp and install pokemon go and then it will hack the pokemon go real life walking. An emulator control joystick buttons will appear in the game. You can walk or run by pressing the emulator joystick in Pokemon Go. You can also install iOS without Jailbreak.

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Please Remember one thing that this a modded hacked pokemon go version and there aren’t 100% chances that it will work perfectly on your device. You may find some problems installing it or playing. If it works for you then well and good but if it doesn’t then do remember this is a modded version not the official one. Now let us start the work we are all here for. Follow the steps below to hack pokemon walking in real life.

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Real Life Walking Hack in Pokemon Go with Tutuapp

Below are the steps you should follow in order to do the trick.


Unlock your Android phone or tablet’


Download Tutuapp apk


Download Tutuapp apk from above download button.


Once tutuapp is downloaded. Go to settings»security and enable unknown sources. Skip if already enabled. Now install tutuapp that you have downloaded earlier.


Now open the tutu app. On the top you will see Pokemon Go app. Tap on the green button right next to it. The device prompt you to open it in browser. Select any browser and the link will open. Now Pokemon GO app will start to download. If it asks you to download then select yes.


Once the Game is downloaded. Tap on it and install. Now go to the apps drawer and open this chinese Pokemon Go

Note: In My Case below case doesn’t appear. But if it does then do the following.

When you open the app. A list of apps will appear to be enabled. Search the Pokemon go app that you have downloaded just now which you are running now. Enable it and tap the back key.


Done!!. Pokemon Go will now run with joystick appearing on the screen. Sign in with your ID. And run in pokemon go with joystick without actually walking.

There is a sidebar popup appearing on the left top. These are i think some other hacks. You can check them out while playing the game. Happy Pokemon Go Playing.!!

Note: You may have problem signing in with your Google Account. It is reported to stuck at loading animation. So, in order to sign in correctly you have to sign in with Pokemon trainer account. If you don’t have one then go here and make new.

About Tutuapp pokemon go

Pokemon go tutuapp is a hack for android. It lets you bypass real life walking and gives you joystick. So, you can play pokemon without actually moving. That is it guys. You have hacked pokemon go walking. Hope you like Pokemon Go Tutuapp Android hack. If you have any questions drop a comment below. Please share it and subscribe to our blog. Bye !!.