We’ve known it has polar ice caps for years. NASA’s rover project has shown us that its surface has craters, valleys and dunes. It has two small and oddly-shaped moons, Phobos and Deimos. Enter TikTok space expert @thegalacticgal, who educates us in this short video on some other fascinating and fun facts you’ll be stoked to learn. The video has some cool imagery as well.


This is all very informative and great to know.  “Neat! I did not know any of this! Thank you,” writes a commenter. Another is apparently a big fan of @thegalacticgal. “All your information is amazing,” she says. “Mars is my favourite planet cos my favourite book is The War of The Worlds by HG Wells,” notes one viewer of the video. One commenter zeroes in on one of the facts explained in the video and seems to want to know more: “Super curious about that crater. Mostly surprised that something that size would leave the surface intact for a crater. That’s really cool!” “U forgot that it’s the home of little green men,” admonishes one viewer with a sense of humor. Whatever your reaction, even if you are left wanting to know more, we hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new about the red planet. Recommended for you

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