This brief TikTok video, packed with eye-popping visuals, is provided by @holofanco and shows you an easy way to project nifty holograms in any room in your house.


The display employs a fan to utilize light diffraction, creating a virtual three-dimensional image. You get major-league 3D visuals to experience cutting-edge technology bringing content to life. One commenter said it’s a “It’s very fun to look at and I’m hoping to have my company logo uploaded to it to use in my office. Definitely a great eye-catching piece!” “So worth it!!! one of the coolest!!! things I own now, full customizable!!! waahhh!!!” exclaimed another. This commenter was happy with the product as well. “Super cool! The picture doesn’t do it justice because of the frame rate. Really looks like it’s floating in mid-air! If you’ve been thinking about it this is your sign to get one!” If you are looking for a great way to visually enhance your home, we think this product might be just what you’re looking for. There are others on the market as well if you want to shop around. Recommended for you

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