This video explaining how is posted by TikTok user @betimm_b.


“Thanks!” says a grateful commenter. “Hahah, already got it,” laughs another. “You call or who call you?” a user asks. “Just wanna ask,” someone says, “Can we change the vibrate when someone’s calls? A little bit more harder.” “Step one: Buy an iPhone,” acknowledges a viewer of the video. “Bruh, I’ve knew this my whole life,” writes a commenter. “I could’ve just got famous by posting it.” “I did it,” says another. “Thank you for the information,” writes a video watcher. Then there is this comment from an apparently lonely user: “No one calls me.” “Thank you for this tip,” says a commenter. “Like, bruh, when someone calls me they call like 7 times and no sound comes until now. You helped me, thanks.” Recommended for you

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