This lucky TikToker seems to have been able to buy one recently, and shared her unboxing experience with her viewers. However, there’s something quite off about how this particular iMac has been packaged.


Isn’t it strange how the “Hello” logo on the iMac computer’s screen was upside down? At any rate, we’re more taken by the stark, pink color scheme of the slick desktop she’s unboxing here. And not only are the reds in this all-aluminum computer stunning, but each necessary included component has its own distinct packaging. Of course, all of it is recyclable. This latest iMac was released by Apple in April 2021, but the TikToker known as HowHannah purchased it in early summer 2022. We’re glad for her to have bought it and shared this unboxing, as even for tech writers like us, opening up Apple products is still a rare event. If you want to buy one of the latest iMacs for yourself or a lucky loved one, they start at $1,299. However, if you want it in yellow, orange, or purple, you will have to buy the slightly souped-up $1,499 model. Now, if your budget is tighter, you could get a Mac Mini desktop for $699 and pair it with an affordable, $100 1080p monitor, and a cheap mouse and keyboard set, to save about $450.