But it takes something else entirely to lay claim to being the worst parker in the world. This baffling video, posted to TikTok by @tech, serves up just such a nomination. Watch and judge for yourself.


“What are they even trying to do?” one commenter asks. Another was confused as to what the problem was: “They were literally parked at the start.” “How much of this went on before recording was considered?” wonders a viewer of the video. “My absolute nightmare to watch this,” says one. “I don’t have a license yet,” admits a user. “This really makes me mad.” “I genuinely can’t imagine what they were thinking,” says another. “Even if it’s to turn around then do that once you are out of the space.” “At the end of the video I am happier than the driver,” says a commenter. “How did they get their license in the first place?” asks another. “Nobody’s safe nowadays,” adds a reader. “I thought I was the worst parker.” Right. It’s a lighthearted funny video clip, but puzzling nonetheless. Recommended For You

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