While the differences are significant in some aspects, the debate mostly comes down to personal preferences and what people value in their experiences. Of course, there’s always going to be some people who just take it too far. This video shared by @yrnch1 excellently encapsulates the daily battles between phone owners. First of all, this is hilarious, not just for the chirps, but the interesting melding of early South Park with a Potter Puppet Pals feel in the stop-action animation. Like South Park does so well, this almost hits TOO close to home with the vitriolic barbs thrown by the students. Nice save by the lone Android user to ricochet back the iPhone costs at those who accused him of being “broke” (like most high schoolers are paying for those smartphones themselves anyway). The comments on this video are almost as savage and hilarious as the video’s dialogue. Dragonball responded, “my body got cold when he said ““at least i dont have to pay 1000$””. “Ngl they just get the same phone with different cameras,” insisted Josiah. Jayden wrote, “At least our phones don’t explode,” though he didn’t exactly pick a side.