It takes more than just brilliant programming and design to bring a robot to “life” and do the unthinkable. It takes a lot of creative thinking to come up with new ways to astound people. This video posted by TikTok user @mr.chicken.official shows there are some incredible things being done with advanced mobility.  The commenters on this video are very excited to see these new developments in robotics. PartTimeCatBed responded “I for one welcome our Robot Overlords, so long as they perform musical numbers during/after the takeover!” “I will be impressed when I have my own Rosie the Robot and she can twist like this,” remarked Donna Sweeney86. However, brandonrinker961 issued this warning, “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there are movies that say this is a bad idea!” While we’ve seen a lot of robots dancing in videos, I think it’s refreshing to see them getting down to a Motown classic! The older songs that feature line dances our parents and grandparents knew growing up requires more sequential rhythm than some modern versions. That shows some evolved capabilities, along with an appreciate of the classics.