Bluetooth devices can connect to any other device on their networks, which usually makes it easier to sync and get going with new options. However, it can also lead to some unforeseen problems, like a blaring radio when a cell phone with an established Bluetooth connection enters a car. TikTok user @darbyjjones found a problematic consequence to having EVERYTHING connected in unexpected areas.  Commenters shared some horror stories regarding hidden cameras. Priscilla replied, “It must’ve scanned a hidden camera, or someone forgot they set it up to be viewed like that. That’s how my dad set up cameras around his house.” “A hotel in Alabama has been being torn down after a tornado and they’re finding all kinds of hidden cameras all through it!” noted Jessica Hanners. Eden suggested, “guess I’ll be bringing an umbrella with me to the bathroom in hotels from now on.”  For anyone who travels, this is a terrifying scenario and demands immediate investigation from local authorities. It also begs the question of how this feed would overpower a regular television station on a satellite network.