However, that says nothing of professional applications, like this $670 — no, that’s not a typo — Imalent flashlight. This thing is capable of putting out 100,000 lumens (the common measurement used for light intensity). With that in mind, how do you think your iPhone’s flashlight compares?


For practically $700, this flashlight damn well better work better than an iPhone’s, which it absolutely does. However, we have to point out a key suspicion of ours regarding the first portion of TikToker Kyle Krueger’s video. If you pay close attention to exactly how the room illuminates, but more importantly to the shadow that is cast, it looks incredibly unlikely that the Imalent is the only light source in that room. The light within the room is just too full to be coming solely from the Imalent, and the shadow being cast on Krueger’s arm definitely looks to be coming from another source above him — not from the light generated by the flashlight itself. That said, the second portion of the video looks legitimate to us. That’s the true power of 100,000 lumens of light. But again, for the cost of an iPhone that can do about 1 million more things than shine some light, this flashlight better be the brightest we’ve ever seen. Just don’t necessarily expect it to illuminate an entire room in the same way that inset lighting would.