The simple answer is yes but be cautious. You should learn and practice some of their advice, but don’t let them frustrate you. You can become frustrated with what people say about how the algorithm works and give up on growing your channel. People sometimes give inaccurate information and false hope. Remember, they’re content creators like you, and they also want to get more views and subscribers. What should small YouTubers do to increase their views and subscribers? The YouTube algorithm is complicated and has become even more complicated these days due to competition from other social media mavericks like TikTok. It’s best to experiment with the algorithm by yourself. Familiarize yourself with YouTube’s algorithm the hard way to fuel innovation and help devise strategies for yourself.

Claims by Some YouTubers

There are so many channels dedicated to assisting small creators in growing their channels. Some argue that particular times within a day are best for uploading a video to YouTube. Some people also advise starting a YouTube channel with a number of videos; others recommend a certain number of videos to be uploaded each week. There have been a lot of such claims, and they could all be completely right. However, keep in mind that what works for some creators may not work for you, depending on current trends, as well as your niche, geographical location, channel size, and many other factors.

Don’t Give Up, Keep Uploading

As a small YouTube video creator, I tried some of the tips people recommend for going viral, but didn’t see any significant outcomes. Frustrated and ready to give up, I experimented with the algorithm on my own and came up with a strategy that helped me gain 120 subscribers in less than a month. Although this is far less than the number of subscribers required for monetization (1000 subscribers), I was happy to see that my efforts were producing results. This encourages me to keep pushing.

Listen to Advice, but Not All of It

Since you’re a small creator and probably new to posting online, you should watch a lot of videos on how to grow your channel. Channels like Think Media, Nick Nimmin, Robert Benjamin, TubeBuddy, etc. are recommended but don’t give up if you apply some of their tips and see no improvements. It’s normal, and we all experience it.

Give Viewers a Reason to Subscribe to Your Channel

As you continue to watch these videos, you will be able to identify and separate reliable information from false claims. For example, I recently watched a video in which a YouTuber discussed the importance of reminding viewers to like and subscribe to your channel. The creator advised giving viewers a reason to subscribe rather than simply telling them to subscribe. My intuition quickly told me how important that information was. Reminding people to subscribe and hit the like button is something that every small creator should do, but don’t overdo it because it can become boring and annoying.

Don’t Let Anyone Frustrate You to Abandon Your Channel

I’m trying to emphasize that watching and learning from such videos is helpful, but don’t let anyone frustrate you. Understand that it is normal to try what they recommend and see no significant results. It’s sad, but many people have given up on growing their channels after trying what some creators recommend and seeing no improvement.

What YouTube Doesn’t Want You to Do

This is what YouTube don’t want you to do. They don’t want you to start a channel, get a few subscribers, and then abandon your viewers. They want to keep people on their platform so they can make more money. The key to growing your YouTube channel is to consistently post educative, informative or engaging content. Make videos with viewers in mind and make sure they learn something new after they’ve finished watching your video. Make videos that people are more likely to watch. You’ll improve as you continue to upload. Failing is a way to know how not to do something next time. ‘’Sometimes you win, something you learn.’’

Growing a Youtube Channel Is Difficult—Know This

It can take some time to see significant improvement. Depending on your niche and how informative or educative your videos are, you may have to upload about 30 videos to see significant improvements. Some people can succeed by posting far lesser than 30. Continue to upload; one of your videos will be accepted by the algorithm, and your video will get more impressions (shares). Growing on YouTube is never easy. Treat and handle it as your private business and YouTube will respect your channel and help you grow. I write these from my few months of uploading to the YouTube platform. Is there something YouTube isn’t telling content creators? I think there is. Let’s hear your thoughts. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2022 David Akwei Allotey

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