There are two ways available to find the version of the Laravel application installed on any system. You can either find it by running a command. If you face any issue with the command line, you can check the Laravel version in the files.

1. Command to find Laravel Version

Artisan is a powerful command-line interface included with Laravel. Open the command line terminal on your system. Navigate to your Laravel application directory. Then execute the following PHP artisan command to check the Laravel version. The above output shows that you are running Laravel Framework 7.17.2.

2. Check Laravel Version in File

Sometimes you may not have terminal access to the server-hosted Laravel applications. You may not much familiar with the command-line interface. In that case, you can simply view the Laravel version in the following file. WHM/cPanel users can use file managers to access files. First, navigate to the Laravel web root directory and open the below file. Then search for the string “VERSION”, which contains the version of the Laravel application.


In this quick tutorial, you have learned, how to find the Laravel version installed on your system.

How to Check Laravel Version by CLI and File   TecAdmin - 46