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Find Version with mysqld Command

Use mysqld command with -V option to check MySQL version running on local host system. The below examples can only used for the localhost only. The above result shows that you are running MySQL version 8.0.25 on your local system.

Using SELECT VERSION Statement

You can also obtain the version from within the MYSQL shell by typing the SELECT VERSION() statement:

Using SHOW VARIABLES Statement

You can also find the MySQL version information, which is stored in a variable named version. Type the below statement to view the MySQL server version.

Check MySQL Version During Connecton

You can also check the MySQL version with a log-in to MySQL command-line interface. When we connect to the MySQL shell, it displays a welcome message including the MySQL version running on the system. This method can be used to check MySQL versions running on localhost as well as on the remote hosts.


This tutorial helps you to check the MySQL version running on localhost or a remote host.

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