Clone a Git Repository Into a Specific Folder

General-purpose of git cloning is to create a local copy of the remote repository. However, cloning without specifying the exact directory will create a new one. Quite often, this won’t be very convenient and it could potentially lead to a lot of clutter residing on your server. That is why specifying the directory to which you want to clone is a useful thing to learn. Syntax – The command for this operation should look like this: Here’s what we did. First, we initiated the git clone command. After that, we defined the URL of the repository that we want to clone. And lastly, we defined the full path to the directory to which we want to clone. Let’s see how would that look in practical use. The command that is shown in the example above will clone helloworld.git repository into a dev-project directory that resides within the DevOps user. Please take note that you have to replace the git repository URL and destination directory with the actual names of your repo and directory. The ones used above are just an example. And that’s all there is to it! Hopefully, you learned how to clone a git repository into a new directory and you will put this command to good use in your future DevOps endeavors.