There are some ways by which you can reduce and control your packet data usage. These instructions and tips will make a great difference in reducing your mobile data. So have a look below to get some tips about reducing data usage on Android.

Use Opera Mini Browser

Opera mini is the best browser for saving data, this feature of opera is very popular and it is well known for this feature. It also compresses videos on phone and hence save the data. Browsing the internet in opera can help to reduce data consumption by more than 80 percent which is amazing, through opera you can surf the web More efficiently using Opera Turbo data saving technology. Top Web Browsers for Android

Use Facebook Alternate Ways

Most of the people on Android use Facebook, so if I am not wrong Facebook eats more than 50 percent of your data but you can minimize its data usage by using Facebook alternate apps like you can create a chrome shortcut or you can use Facebook in opera browser. This will help alot in saving your data. You can also use Facebook Lite version app which is made for low data consumption.

Turn off automatic Updates

If you are using playstore with auto update apps option enabled you must be having huge drain of your data. Disabling automatic update option can help in reducing data consumption. Auto updating apps eats a lot of data MBs , you can also switch to “update over WiFi” only option. To switch off auto-updates go to Google Play Store and open settings. From there open the option Auto-UpdateApps and select Do not auto update apps.

Restrict Background Data

Restricting background data can also help a lot in minimizing data usage. It unnecessarily eats your MBs when you are not actually using an app. You can also restrict background data for individual apps , go to settings > data usage > Restrict Background data.

Google Maps ( offline use )

You can save your data by using Google Maps offline because Google maps app could be used offline. For the first time load all the map and next time you won’t even need to turn the data ON , so it will reduce your data consumptions.

Other ways to minimize Data consumption

If you are surfing web pages and you don’t want images , use text only mode and you can also change quality of images in web pages, low quality images will eat less data. Streaming music consumes a lot of MBs and also kills battery faster so try to save songs on your Sd card. We hope that these tips will help you a lot in reducing your data consumption and controlling data limit. Hope you like our tips to control and reduce data usage on Android. Please share it and subscribe to our blog. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.