Having an active Discord server is essential to its success; people could start leaving your server if they find that the server isn’t as active as they’d like it to be. That’s why you should aim to make your server as active as possible, but don’t worry, in this guide we’re going to take a look at some great ways to do so! We’ll also look at some of the best techniques to spark great discussions and bring more activity, so let’s get started!

1. Get Engaged With Your Server’s Members

To cultivate a great atmosphere, you’ll need to keep your members engaged by sparking new conversations, joining in on discussions and overall, facilitating a great community. This can be done by asking questions, reacting to messages and overall, making members feel welcome to participate in discussions. You could also format messages in order to help them stand out during discussions too, such as adding aesthetic text, or formatted text. I’ve written an article on this if you want to know more about various Discord text tricks you can use during discussions, it might be a useful reference! To do so, you should encourage members to take part and remind everyone that they’re encouraged to partake in discussions. You’ll be surprised at how effective this strategy is!

2. Ask A Question of the Day/Week

You could ask a “Question of the Day” (or week, if your server is already pretty active) where you ask your members a question related to the domain your server is in. For example, if you have a dedicated gaming server, a question of the day could be, “What are your thoughts on [insert game here]?”. Or you could ask them about gaming-related news that’s been dominating the headlines lately and what their thoughts are on that. There are also poll bots that allow you to ask a question, and the bot will allow members to react to a question, with each reaction representing an answer. This might not spark as many conversations, but it could definitely help get everything started! This is another great technique to boost discussions in your server, and spark some interesting conversations between members! Who knows what great conversations will arise after trying this out?

Have Your Say!

3. Host Events

You could also host weekly (or daily, if you like!) events in your server’s voice channels, where members can gather and discuss news together. You could also have a music bot, where users can request music to play in the voice channel. You could also order virtual food or coffees, which is quite fun too, and I’ve written another article on how to order Discord fast food! This can be a great way to foster a sense of community, and encourage participation, plus it’s a lot of fun too. By hosting events, your server will naturally gain more members since they might want to invite their friends to join in and so forth. Hosting events will also cultivate a greater community spirit between the server’s members, and will help them get to know each other better. For example, on many gaming servers, you’ll see plenty of events hosted each week, with a great variety of events being offered also. From quizzes to tournaments and everything-in-between, it’s important to host events that cater to as many as possible, and then see which are the most popular or successful and work from there.

4. Make Use Of Bots

Bots are also great to help get everything started! There are a whole variety of entertainment bots that allow you to watch YouTube videos, request music, create polls, and so much more. There are bots to help you create memes, react with GIFs and much more. To find these bots, you can try looking at the various bot directories available, including Disforge. You can also find more Discord bot lists in this article. Overall, bots can help automate a lot of the tedious activities associated with running a server or reacting to messages. For example, when you want to react with a GIF, instead of searching for it on GIPHY or Tenor, you can make use of a Discord bot that automatically searches GIPHY for the right GIF when provided a certain keyword. Adding a bot to your server is relatively easy, you simply need to find a bot you’d like to add (see the link to the bot and server directory above) and then click the invite link. You then need to confirm which server you’d like to add your bot to, and you’re done!

5. Advertise Your Server on Server Listings

You can try advertising your server on listings, too, which will help bring more members to your server. This will naturally help boost your server’s member count and will showcase your server to the world. To get more members, you can try advertising your server in server listings. By doing so, you’ll get some new members to your server, which can help make it more active too. By doing so, you’ll have more members joining, which will lead to a much more active server over time. The more members your server has, the more conversations will start and the more activity it’ll lead to! In order to advertise your server on listings, make sure to have a description of your server that describes the benefits of joining your server. You’ll also need some visuals of your server’s logo and so forth. If you’re looking for a list of server listings to advertise your server, I’ve also written about the best server listings to advertise your Discord server on.

6. Welcome New Members

A great way to spark conversations between new members is to welcome them when they join your server. There are also bots that automatically welcome members to the server, however this lacks the personal touch that a message from a moderator would bring. By welcoming new members with a message, this will help them feel more welcomed in the server, and they’ll be more likely to join in on conversations or reply to your initial message. You can also create a custom channel where new members can be welcomed also; more details on this channel and other types of channels can be found in my guide on Discord channel ideas. Of course, if too many members join each day and you can’t personally welcome them all, then a bot could help too.

Best Ways To Make Your Server More Active

This Should Help Your Server Become More Active!

The tips above should help boost your server’s activity and spark great discussions amongst your server’s members. Having an active server is integral to its success, and while it may be quite some work at the beginning, it will naturally get easier over time as more members join your server. You’ll also need to ensure that you keep promoting your server in order to keep gaining members, and naturally, an influx of new members will help maintain an active server. Having new members always join will ensure there’ll always be new activity, and these new members will kickstart conversations too! If you have any comments, make sure to let me know below! Also, if you have any other tips related to making your server more active or have any insights you’d like to share, make sure to drop them in the comments below too, I’d love to read them! Thanks so much for reading! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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