In this guide, you’ll discover good name ideas for TikTok and techniques to help you create these instantly. Creating aesthetic TikTok names doesn’t have to be hard, as this guide should help you out! Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

Aesthetic Fonts

If you want to make your TikTok name as aesthetic as possible, then I’d recommend applying some fonts. If you’ve ever seen names that are in cursive or monospaced, then you’ve likely come across names with text fonts applied to them. These fonts can transform your name, adding a unique twist to it overall. There are a whole variety of fonts out there for you to choose from, and it’s indeed possible to use these as your TikTok name! From monospaced alternatives to cursive fonts and everything-in-between, there’s sure to be a font out there that you’ll like! The image below shows some examples to help inspire you:

How to Create Aesthetic Text

I’d recommend checking out Lingojam’s Vaporwave Text Generator for this! Simply enter your text, and it’ll output a bunch of fonts applied to your text. What I love most about this tool is the sheer number of aesthetic results it outputs. Your text will be converted to so many various fonts, which you can then peruse and see which ones are your favourite. Once you’ve found your favourite username, just copy and paste it and you’ve just applied a font to your text!

Embellishments You Could Add

There are all sorts of decorative and fun embellishments you could add to your TikTok name too.


Of course, if you want to make your chosen username even cuter, why not add some super cute kaomoji also? These are Eastern-style emoji, and if you’d like to copy and paste these, I’d recommend the site Cute Kaomoji for this. There are so many available, from happy kaomoji to adorable animal kaomoji and so much more. I’ve provided some examples of these in the image below.


Sparkles can be a fun addition to your Tiktok name in order to make it more aesthetic. These aren’t regular emoji, but are text symbols instead, which can be added to regular text. You can copy and paste these from a variety of sites, but I’ve included some examples below to help you get started.

*:・゚✧ :・゚☆ ✧:・゚✧ 。°。°

As you can see, these super cute sparkles can add a lovely embellishment to your TikTok name. You could prepend the sparkles to the start and add some to the end, in order to create a cool effect.

Include Emoji

Or, if you prefer using emoji rather than text symbols, then this is a great option too! Simply add the emoji that best represent the aesthetic you’re going for. Keep in mind that there’s a 30 character limit for your TikTok name, so this is important to bear in mind when adding text symbols and so forth. For instance, if you’re hoping to create a purple aesthetic-style name, then you could add purple emoji such as the night sky emoji, purple heart emoji and so forth. By combining these together, you’ll create a cool name that emulates the purple aesthetic. Some examples of other aesthetics you could recreate are shown below:

How to Create Aesthetic Names for TikTok

Sites to Help Inspire You

If you’re looking for aesthetic ideas, make sure to check out nickname generators, as they’re an easy and fun tool to use in order to provide some inspiration. They list the best usernames as voted on by others, showcasing the coolest usernames out there. If you’re looking for inspiration, then have a browse through these and hopefully this will help kickstart your creativity! I’d recommend NickFinder, it’s one of my favourite sites there is for this!

How to Edit Your Name on TikTok

Once you’ve created your desired name, then it’s time to edit your current name on TikTok to change it to the new one you’ve created. Simply open the TikTok app, open the “Me” tab and then tap “Edit Profile”. Once this is opened, just navigate to the entry that says “Name”, input your new name and you’re good to go! Your current username on TikTok will remain the same, so links to your videos and so forth will still have the username you chose when you signed up to TikTok, however, your name can be edited and this will display when people view your profile. Hopefully that’ll help you edit your name to your newly-created TikTok name!

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks so much for reading, hopefully you’ve found some tips and techniques to help you with generating aesthetic names for TikTok! As you’ve seen from the guide above, creating aesthetic names for TikTok doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, as there are tons of tools out there to help you out with applying fonts, adding text symbols and so forth. For even more username ideas, check out this guide on aesthetic TikTok usernames! Make sure to try them all out and experiment with what works. Of course, if you’re hoping to create an aesthetic TikTok account, having a name that reflects the vision you’re going for is important, but creating great videos is essential, so be sure to check out this article on creating aesthetic videos for TikTok too! Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share, or aesthetic TikTok name ideas? What are your favourite ways to create aesthetic TikTok names? Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comment section below, as I’d be delighted to hear what you think! Thanks again, and wishing you all the best with creating aesthetic usernames! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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