Like the LG G3 from last year, the new LG G4 is highly customizable in many ways. Users are able to change the onscreen touch buttons, layout can also be changed and even the color of the buttons can be changed to fit the users.

  Today i will show how you can change the touch buttons of LG G4. LG G4 originally has the three touch buttons on the bottom of the screen but you can edit them and add up to five touch buttons you like. This guide will show you how to customize your touch buttons of LG G4. Its very easy, just follow the instructions below and you will be able to edit the touch buttons and replace them with the suitable ones.


Pull down the notification bar and tap the setting button at the top  right or simply open the apps menu and find the settings and open.


In the settings head over to the Display column.


Now in the display menu tap on the third option which is Home touch buttons.



In the Home touch buttons menu you will see different options like, Button Combination, Color, Hide Home touch buttons. You can edit your touch buttons here but the first option is Button combination and that is what we’ll be doing here today so tap on the Button combination option.


After tapping on the Button combination simply follow the on-screen instructions. You have to press and drag any icon you would like from the list up to the sample picture of the phone . By doing this you will successfully add the new button to the on-screen keys.

  That’s it, you can now change the touch buttons of your LG G4  to what you would like.  My favorite is the Dual Window button which is on the left corner in the above 2nd picture.