To retrieve your user number, you’ll need to enable Discord’s Developer mode, which provides access to the IDs of server channels and so forth. We’ll also be looking at how to do this within this guide; it only requires two small steps, and you’ll have this mode enabled. Let’s get started!

1. Open Discord’s User Settings

Discord Developer mode allows you to get various ID numbers and server channel IDs, and for most users, it has to be switched on. If you’re a Discord bot developer, then chances are likely that you already have this enabled since you may have needed to use it as a developer in the past. However, if you don’t think you have this mode switched on, it only requires two easy steps, and you’ll be ready to go! First, open your Discord client and navigate to the settings cog in the lower left-hand side corner. It’s directly beside the mic icon, located alongside your username and avatar. Click on the settings cog icon to open your Discord’s User settings.

2. Enable Discord Developer Mode

Once you have clicked on the settings cog icon, it’s time to progress to the next steps since your User Settings are now open! The settings should then open up. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab on the left-hand side, grouped under the App Settings list. You’ll find the location in the screenshot below. Click this to open the advanced settings. Two settings will be provided in the pane that opens up. The first setting is to enable Discord Developer mode, which is exactly what we’re looking for! If it’s already enabled (the switch will have a green checkmark icon), then it’s already enabled, and you don’t need to do anything in this step. If not, then click on the switch, enabling developer mode. Now that the developer mode is enabled, you’ll now be able to copy your user ID, which is what we’ll be demonstrating in the next step!

3. Get Your User ID

Next up, it’s time to get your user ID!

From a Message

Simply navigate to a server that you’re a member of. Then go to a message that was sent by you, and right-click on your username. A little dropdown menu will appear and the last option in this menu will say “Copy ID”. Simply click this and your ID will be copied. You can now paste it where it’s needed in order to see the user ID. Of course, if you no longer require developer mode once you have retrieved your ID, then you can switch the mode off by going to your User Settings (see step 1 on how to locate this) and then navigating to the “Advanced” tab which is shown in the user settings on the left-hand side. Then simply click on the switch for developer mode in order to switch the mode off.

Within Settings

An alternative way you can find your User ID is through your User Settings. Simply click on the “My Account” option on the left-hand side menu within your User Settings. Then click on the ellipsis beside your profile. A dropdown menu will show up, with a “Copy ID” option shown. Simply click this to retrieve your user ID, and it will be copied to the clipboard.

User Profile in Server

Another alternative way to retrieve your user ID is to navigate to a server you’re a member in, and go to your profile in the server’s member list on the right-hand side. Then right-click on your profile, and the “Copy ID” option will be shown in the dropdown too.

Hopefully, You’ve Found Your User ID!

Thanks very much for reading this step-by-step guide; hopefully, you were able to find your Discord user ID! We’ve shown how to enable Discord’s Developer mode, as well as how to retrieve your user number from your nickname. Now that you have Discord Developer mode enabled, you can also access the identification numbers of server channels too, which may be useful in the future, especially if you’re a developer and need to send messages to specific channels and so forth. If you’d like to locate a server channel’s ID, then I’d recommend my guide to finding a Discord channel ID, which goes step-by-step through the process, along with screenshots too! If you have any questions or need any further assistance with locating your Discord ID number or with any of the steps shown, be sure to let me know down in the comments below, as I’d love to help you out if required! If you have other tips or tricks on locating it using the client that isn’t shown here, be sure to let me know in the comments below. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 Susan W

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