The AliExpress app can be frustrating to deal with at times. Especially when it is not working as it is supposed to. Whether it’s not launching, logging in, crashing, or simply showing a black screen. However, you need not worry. As this guide will encompass all the solutions, you need to fix the AliExpress App Not Working.  The situation may seem unique to you; however, many users have complained about it in the past. Which has allowed us to collect this data and surmise solutions that will remove all such problems and allow you to use the app without any hindrance.  Listed below are some of the solutions, you can try that are bound to solve the app’s problems:

1. Wait for some time until AliExpress Fixes the Bug.

This kind of bug can present itself when the AliExpress app itself is undergoing improvements or updates. They may have downtime for this maintenance, or the servers have not yet sent out the update.  Whenever a new update is rolled out, several bugs are identified within it. Using the data from its users, the app developers look to eradicate these bugs. This process can take some time but is usually solved within a couple of hours in most cases. Therefore, it is usually best to wait for the problem to resolve itself.

2. Try Alternating Between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.

Another culprit forcing this problem could just be your internet connectivity. Because of slow internet, the app cannot load, which results in you frustratingly blaming the app. You can check for this problem by opening any other App or Internet browser. If that is also not working, you must try alternating between Wi-Fi and Data. There could be several reasons why your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data is not working properly. Maybe your location is away from the router or disrupting your Sim Signals, due to which you have a slow connection. Therefore, try to alternate between these, to see if the app can work on either the Wi-Fi or the Mobile Data.

3. Logout and Login into AliExpress App.

If you have not checked your AliExpress app in a while, then your login session may have expired. This can also be caused if you have logged into your account elsewhere, such as on the PC or any other device, which may have corrupted your login session resulting in your App not Working on AliExpress. To solve this problem, you need to follow these steps: In this way, you will have logged out and logged back into the app. This should solve your problem, and the app should work smoothly now.

4. Clear AliExpress App Cache.

In some cases, the App Cache may have filled up your storage space, due to which the App may be malfunctioning. This temporary storage data needs to be cleared up as it’s taking up space in your device and interfering with the App’s running process. Therefore, if the app is not working on AliExpress, you can try clearing your app cache:  Note: Be careful not to delete any other data other than the app cache, as this might remove all of your saved data inside the app. By following these simple steps, you can clear the AliExpress app cache and fix your problem.

5. Delete and Reinstall AliExpress App.

If your download file got corrupted during installation, you could be facing problems and errors. Therefore, the best way to solve this is to delete and reinstall the AliExpress app manually. You can do this by following this simple step-by-step guide: Once the App is reinstalled, you will have to Login into your account again.

6. Install the Old Version of the AliExpress App.

Sometimes the newer versions of the application bring with them newer Bugs. These can take time to be identified and removed. Therefore, you can simply download an older version of the application and use that.  Until a newer version of the application comes out, you can stick with the old version that your phone is better suited to run. This is a temporary solution, as you are bound to update to the newer version sooner or later. Additionally, since this is an APK file, be careful about installing it on your phone.

7. Update the AliExpress App to Latest Version.

If the app is outdated and not synced with the server, you may be facing certain problems. Therefore, to update the app, follow these steps: However, if there is no option to update the app, then the latest version may not be out yet, and you could be facing a different problem.

8. Restart Your Device.

Lastly, if nothing works, you can restart your device. There may be several reasons why your device is causing the app to malfunction, and so to remove those problems, you are better off restarting your device:To restart your phone, follow these steps: This will initiate the reboot process. This can take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes for the phone to reboot completely. Once the phone has Restarted, you are bound to have solved your problem.  Hopefully, the solutions listed above will help you if the AliExpress app is not working on your phone. These solutions focus on targeting different problems that could be at the core of why your App is not working. Therefore, be sure to try them out in the order dictated so that your App runs smoothly. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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