Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier than they used to be. Every task that we need to be accomplished can now be accomplished without our interference. All the while, we only need to provide supervision. Many new apps have given us this freedom, but what is the point of your android device if it cannot run these apps? This article will tell you how to fix apps not working in android. It is crucial for any smartphone these days to run an app. Without this functionality, our devices are no more different than bricks. Therefore it is important to fix this problem, the methods to which we will discuss below.

1. Restart Phone.

One of the most common solutions for any such bug is a simple restart. It may not only fix your app problem but also fix other issues, such as a slow phone or cache build-up. Usually, whenever an app stops working, there can be multiple factors affecting it. A simple reboot eliminates most of these. Here is how to restart your device: Once your device finishes booting up, check to see if all the other apps on your device are functioning properly now. 

2. Force stop the App.

If an app is malfunctioning or not launching properly, you can try to force-stop it and relaunch it. Usually, if you only close the app from your recent windows, it will remain open in the background. Therefore, it is essential to force stop it to eliminate all running tasks in the background. Here is how to force-stop an app: Doing this will force stop whatever app is causing a problem for you, and you can now try to relaunch the app to see if it is working again.

3. Update the App.

The next best way to fix your problem is to see if there is an update for the app you are trying to launch. Mostly if it is a bug from the App’s end, then they will try to fix it by launching a new update that does not have the problem in it.  Therefore, you should update your app by following these steps to avoid this problem:    1. Open Playstore on your device.     2. Search for the App.     3. Check if an update is available.     4. Click Update. This will update the app for you and fix your problem. 

4. Check Internet Connection.

Another very common reason for this problem is a weak internet connection. A weak internet connection cannot load the different components inside an App. Due to this, you may be unable to work the app, or its different functions properly. If you are using Wi-Fi, switch to Cellular Data or vice versa. This will help you understand where the problem lies. You can also try to run a speed test to see if your internet connection is the culprit here. If it is, you must ensure you get better signals before running the app again.

5. Reinstall the App.

If none of the steps above seem to work out for you, then it is probably best for you to reinstall the app, altogether. To do this, you will first have to uninstall it and then install it again. You can follow these steps to execute this properly: This will have reinstalled the app for you and should hopefully fix whatever problem it is that you are facing.

6. Clear App Cache and Data.

Clearing your App Cache and Data is another great solution to fix this problem. Your App Cache is a temporary storage that fills up every time you perform a task within the app. Obviously, once this storage is filled up, it cannot perform those tasks efficiently. Usually, this would clear out by itself; however, if it has not, you may need to perform this manually. To clear your App Cache and Data, follow these steps: Performing these steps will clear out your App Cache. If the problem persists, you can also clear data, but doing this will remove all the data you have inside the app. 

7. Boot your device in Safe Mode.

Launching your device in Safe mode lets you check if any third-party app may interfere with your device. By helping ascertain that you can either remove the app causing the problem or try reinstalling it.  To boot your phone in Safe Mode, try the following steps:

8. Check for Software Updates.

Next, you can try to update your device. There may be a bug or a glitch that is causing the apps not to work on your phone. Additionally, the developers release these updates to fix the bugs reported by other users. Therefore, updating your android device is a surefire way to fix this problem most of the time. To update your system, do the following:    1. Open Settings app on your device.  2. Next, scroll down until you find the Software Update or just the System tab.  3. After finding it, check if there is an Android update available.  4. If there is, click on Download and install it.

9. Perform a Factory Reset.

The last solution to this problem is to simply perform a factory reset. This will reset your device as if it has just come out of the factory, so all of your data and configured settings will be removed. Therefore, it is a last resort kind of option that should only be done if nothing else seems to work for you. To Reset your phone, follow these steps: After you complete these steps, the phone reboots automatically. Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to fix apps not working in Android. Using these tips, you can resolve this problem, so be sure to try them all in the sequence they are written. This will allow you to continue enjoying using your apps without any hindrance.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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