Android 13 was announced to be released on August 13th. It offers a list of comprehensive features that surpass Android 12. Including a bunch of bug fixes and glitches. However, with this new update, new problems have surfaced. Many users have reported their batteries to be draining even faster. There can be multiple reasons why your battery is draining at such a rapid pace. We have come across several solutions, which we will discuss at length in this article. Here’s how to fix battery draining quickly on Android 13.

1. Reboot the Android 13 Device.

Believe it or not but restarting your phone solves most problems, including rapid battery drainage. The reason why this solves the battery drainage problem is that there may be a bug or glitch which gets reset after a reboot.  To restart your phone, follow these steps: Restarting your device may even shut down any existing app or program running in the background, causing that’s causing your battery percentage to drop at an accelerated rate. Therefore, a simple reboot of your device will sure to solve this problem. 

2. Check the Charging Cable.

If it is not a software problem, it might be one with your hardware. Your charging cable is the first item that you should check in this case. If your charger is not connected properly or if the USB wire is loose, it may not be charging the device properly. Additionally, if the charger itself is not charging the device correctly, that may be why your battery is draining quickly. It is a recommended practice to charge your device using the original charger. This is because it is more compatible with your device and will charge it more efficiently.

3. Verify if the Adapter is Working.

Your Adapter could also be at fault if it is not charging your battery up to its full efficacy. A malfunctioning adapter will cause the battery to drain quickly. Similar to the charging cable, the original adapter should be used to retain as much of the battery life as possible.

4. Check for OS Updates.

Checking for the OS Update is another great way to fix battery draining quickly on Android 13. Oftentimes, it is the buggy OS that’s causing a problem with your device. Updating your OS, removes not only these bugs but also fixes many other underlying problems with your device. Here is how to check for OS updates: If you do have an available update, download and install it on the device. This should help eliminate your problem.

5. Force Close the Background Apps.

Background apps can hog a lot of your battery percentage without you knowing about it. These apps operate in the background and are often easy to miss. However, they can be seen through either the notification panel or by checking your recent apps folder.  If any background apps are already running, closing them will help slow down the battery drainage. Additionally, it will also help your phone operate faster as more RAM will be available, and the device will be less stressed.

6. Use Different Chargers.

Your current charger may not be charging your device properly. Consider changing your charger. This happens as time progresses, and the charger loses its efficacy in charging the phone to its full capacity.  Therefore, using a different charger will allow you to address this problem. It will also let you know if your current charger is at fault.

7. Faulty Battery.

A faulty battery can also cause your battery to drain quickly. The more a battery is used, the more it loses its ability to retain a longer-lasting charge. If you have tried the steps above and there is no problem with your charging cable or adapter, then it’s most probably a faulty battery. The best way to get this problem fixed is to have your faulty battery replaced. It is best to consult a repair expert on this who can first check your battery and see if it’s really the culprit here. If so, then have the expert change your battery. 

8. Check For External Damage.

Damage to any of your phone’s external components could also be a reason for rapid battery drainage. Therefore, look at all the external components of your device thoroughly. This includes all kinds of dents, scratches, or cracks.  If you do, however, come across any external damage, be sure to have the repair shop take a look at it. Having the faulty parts replaced is bound to help your battery and stop it from draining quickly on Android 13.

10. Reset Your Phone.

To Reset your phone, follow these steps: After resetting your phone, check and see if the battery drainage has been fixed. This is an extreme option, so be sure that you have tried out all the steps mentioned above before trying this. Remember that resetting your phone will erase all existing data on it and go back to factory settings. Therefore, go through with this if nothing else works for you.

11. Contact the Support Team.

You have tried all the solutions mentioned in this guide, but nothing seems to work? Don’t worry, this could just simply be a problem on a deeper level. Therefore, it’s not something that can be addressed very easily.  For this, you may have to contact the support team. If your phone is still under warranty, you can have it checked or replaced. Otherwise, you may simply have it checked at a repair shop, where an expert will repair your phone and its battery. Hopefully, this guide will tell you how to fix Battery Draining Quickly on Android 13. Be sure to try out all the steps mentioned, in the order, they are recommended so that you can continue to enjoy the Android 13 update on your phone. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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