Microsoft Teams is a premium business communication platform created by Microsoft. It’s part of the Microsoft 365 family of products and aims to provide seamless integration of Microsoft’s office space.  The service was initially offered in 2017 and has grown since then. It’s among the many social media platforms that benefited from the global pandemic.  One of the main features of Microsoft Teams is video conference calls. This allows businesses and team managers to host meetings for product launches, weekly reports, and casual team building.  However, many users complain that their camera is not working when accessing the service on their Windows computers.  Most of the time, this issue is caused by improper configurations and a lack of permissions. On the other hand, it can also be due to third-party services, faulty device drivers, or corrupted app data.  Today, we’ll show you what to do if your camera is not working on Microsoft Teams.  Let’s jump right in!

1. Restart Your Computer. 

Before changing your configurations, we suggest restarting your computer if you encounter issues with Microsoft Teams and your camera. This should ensure that all your resources are loaded correctly and there are no temporary errors in your system.  Here’s what you need to do:  Once done, go back to Microsoft Teams and see if the problem is solved. 

2. Run Microsoft Teams As Admin. 

If your camera is not working on Microsoft Teams, there’s a chance that your system is blocking the software from accessing it. To fix this, run the app as an administrator to bypass any restrictions.  Follow the steps below to run Microsoft Teams as an admin:  Relaunch Microsoft Teams and see if you can now use your camera. 

3. Check Your Connection. 

If you are using an external camera, you might want to check if your device is connected properly to your computer. Check the cables of your camera and ensure that it is seated all the way on the USB port.  You should also inspect the cables and ensure that there are no physical damages like exposed and cut wires.  To confirm if your camera is being detected, you can head to the Device Manager. 

4. Tweak Your Permissions. 

Another reason your camera is not working on Microsoft Teams is that the app is not allowed to access it.  See the steps below to change your camera permissions:  Once done, restart the app and try using your camera. 

5. Update Camera Drivers. 

Faulty or outdated camera drivers could also be the reason you encounter problems on Microsoft Teams. To fix this, you’ll need to update your camera drivers to the latest version to rule out compatibility issues.  Follow the steps below to update your drivers:  Restart your device to apply the changes and see if your camera works. 

6. Check Microsoft Teams Configurations. 

You should also double-check your in-app configurations and ensure that the correct device is being used by Microsoft Teams.  You can do this by following these steps:  Once done, restart Microsoft Teams and see if your camera works. 

7. Reinstall Microsoft Teams. 

If none of the solutions above worked, the last thing you can do is reinstall Microsoft Teams on your computer. This should ensure that the app is installed properly and there are no missing resources in your storage.  Check out the steps below to remove Microsoft Teams:  Once done, go to Microsoft’s website and download the latest version of Microsoft Teams.  That ends our guide for fixing your camera if it’s not working on Microsoft Teams. If you have questions, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂