If you have encountered the famous failed to obtain IP address on android problem then know that you are not alone. Many users have reported this problem on Android, however, do not worry, as this article will tell you how to fix failed to obtain IP address on android error. This error usually occurs when you are trying to access a Wi-Fi Network. This often indicates that your router has problems issuing your device the IP address it needs to access the internet. If this issue is not resolved, the user will be unable to use the internet on their device. 

1. Forget the Network

If your internet device is unable to issue you a new IP address. You can try to reset it by forgetting the network and signing in to it again. This will reconfigure its settings and allow you to connect again. To forget the network, follow these steps: Following these steps will forget the network, you will need to sign into it again using your Wi-Fi password. Once you do that, your internet should connect.

2. Restart the Phone

Rebooting your device is the safest and most convenient way to solve this problem. It may be the case that the Wi-Fi connection has been corrupted or has come across corrupted data. Therefore, restarting your device is a good way to clear out this problem.  Here is how to restart your device: Once your phone finishes rebooting, turn your Wi-Fi on and let it connect to the internet. Hopefully, it will connect and give you access to the internet.

3. Restart the Router

Restarting the router is another great way to solve this problem. If your phone is not the culprit, then your router may be to blame. If the problem is from the router’s end, then this solution will definitely work to solve your problem.  Check on the back of your router for a restart button. Most routers have those. If your router instead has an ON and OFF switch, then turn your router off for 30 seconds and turn it back on again. Otherwise, you can also unplug the router and re-plug it back in again to restart it.  Once you have restarted the router, check on your device if you are able to connect to the internet now.

4. Rename your Android Device

This may seem like an uncanny method, but many users have reported trying it and having it solve their failed to obtain IP address problem. By simply changing your Android Device’s name, you can have your internet connection restored.  This may be because the router cannot identify your device, so changing the name enables it to identify it again. Here are the steps you need to follow to rename your Android Device: Doing this will change your device’s name, and you can now try to connect to the Wi-Fi. Hopefully, this will solve your problem. 

5. Try Airplane Mode

Turning the Airplane Mode On and Off forces the router to reconfigure your connection. By doing this, you may end up solving your problem and establishing a connection with your Wi-Fi. Follow these steps to turn Airplane mode On and Off. You can also access the Airplane mode from your notification panel. Try connecting to the Wi-Fi after completing these steps to see if it is working now.

6. Assign a static IP Address

Another common solution for this problem is to assign a static IP Address. Most devices do not require this; however, some services do. Changing your IP to a static IP address may help fix this problem.  You can assign a static IP address by trying the following steps: Once you have completed these steps, you should have a static IP address and should be able to connect with the Wi-Fi router now.

7. Clear Google Play Services Cache

The next best solution for you is to clear the cache of Google Play Services. This app is connected to many different features of your device, so clearing its cache may help you solve your problem. Here is how to clear the Google Play Services cache: This will clear cache for Google Play Services. You can now try to reconnect with the Wi-Fi and hopefully, that will work for you now.

8. Factory Data Reset

The ultimate last solution if nothing else works for your phone, is to erase all data and reset the device completely.  To Reset your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings inside your phone.
  2. Scroll down and select Backup & reset.
  3. Select Factory reset from the menu.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your phone. Doing this will completely reset your phone back to its default factory setting. So be sure to save all data on an external drive before doing this as all of your existing data will be deleted after this. Hopefully, this guide will help you learn how to fix failed to obtain IP address on Android problem. Be sure to try out all the steps mentioned in this guide in the order they are written. This will ensure that you continue to browse on the internet uninterrupted. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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