Not getting your email notification can be quite frustrating, especially if the email you are waiting for is important. The Gmail mobile app offers its users many functions and features that you may not have access to on the desktop. However, if your Gmail app stops syncing new email, this can present problems for you. Don’t worry, as this article will tell you how to fix Gmail not syncing issues on android. 

1. Check Internet Connection.

If your internet connection is weak or disconnected, then Gmail will not be able to sync with the servers. Syncing with the server requires an active internet connection, therefore, a problem with your connection can cause problems in Gmail. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and that it is connected to your device. You can also switch between Wi-Fi and Data to see which works best for you. If you are currently on your Wi-Fi and cannot sync to Gmail, try switching to Mobile Data. This way, it is easy for you to ascertain whether or not the internet connection is to blame.

2. Check Gmail Servers.

Sometimes the Gmail servers themselves will be down, which will cause problems on your end. Therefore before you try any of the solutions posted in this article, ensure that the problem is not from the server’s end.  An easy way to check whether the problem is from your end or not is to head over to Google Workspace Status Dashboard. This website lets you know whether any of the Google Workspace services are operational. That way, you can rest assured that the problem is from Google’s end and simply wait for it to be fixed.

3. Sync Gmail Manually.

If you are still facing problems syncing your device, then you can try to sync your emails manually. Sometimes the settings get misconfigured by accident and have to be reconfigured for it to work again.  Here is how you can sync your Gmail: Once you have followed these steps, your account sync should be turned on.

4. Sync Email.

Gmail has an added option that allows users to disable sync from inside the email. If this option is turned off, then you will not receive any new emails. Therefore, this option needs to be enabled for your email to be synced. Follow these steps to sync your email: After completing these steps, simply refresh your inbox, and you will now receive a notification for every new email sent to your inbox.

5. Clear Gmail App Cache.

Clearing your App Cache and Data is another great solution to fix this problem. Your App Cache is a temporary storage that fills up every time you perform a task within the Gmail app. Obviously, once this storage is filled up, it cannot perform those tasks efficiently. Usually, this would clear out by itself; however, if it has not, you may need to perform this manually. To clear your App Cache and Data, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.     2. Scroll down, locate Apps & Notifications and click on All apps.     3. Locate and click on the Gmail app.     6. Select Storage and cache, and click on Clear cache. Performing these steps will clear out your App Cache. 

6. Update the Gmail App.

The next best way to fix your problem is to see if there is an update for the Gmail app. Mostly if it is a bug from Google’s end, then they will try to fix it by launching a new update that does not have the problem in it.  Therefore, you should update your app by following these steps to avoid this problem:    1. Open Playstore on your device.     2. Search for the Gmail app.     3. Check if an update is available.     4. Click Update. This will update the app for you and fix your problem. 

7. Force stop Gmail.

If the Gmail app is malfunctioning or not launching properly, you can try to force-stop it and relaunch it. Usually, if you only close the app from your recent windows, it will remain open in the background. Therefore, it is essential to force stop it to eliminate all running tasks in the background. Here is how to force-stop an app: Doing this will force stop whatever app is causing a problem for you, and you can now try to relaunch the app to see if it is working again.

8. Reinstall Gmail.

If none of the steps above seem to work out for you, then it is probably best for you to reinstall the app, altogether. To do this, you will first have to uninstall it and then install it again. You can follow these steps to execute this properly: This will have reinstalled Gmail for you and should hopefully fix whatever problem it is that you are facing. Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to fix Gmail not syncing issues on Android. Using these tips, you can resolve this problem, so be sure to try them all in the sequence they are written. This will allow you to continue receiving important email notifications without any time delay. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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