With the latest Android 13 update, there has been an introduction of new features and accessories. However, with those new features come new bugs. One of them being a problem with the Google Assistant not working on Android 13. However, do not worry, as this article will tell you how to fix Google Assistant not working on Android 13. The Google Assistant is an app that was released by Google to help individuals in their day-to-day life. It is a voice-activated app that performs any task you ask of it. There may be several reasons why this app is not working on your phone. It may be a problem with your internet, microphone, or even the app itself.  We will go over these problems in detail within this article.

1. Check for Internet Connectivity.

The most probable reason for this issue could be your internet connection. Fixing that is bound to get Google Assistant working on Android 13. First make sure that you are connected to the internet. Either through Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. If you are not, try them on and reconnect to Google Assistant as it requires internet connectivity to function. However, if you are already connected to the internet then try to reposition yourself closer to the router. Make sure there is not too much of a distance between you and the router so that your device receives the signals strongly. If you are using Mobile Data then simply turn it off and on again to refresh it. You can also try to check your internet speed by doing a speed test. This will ensure that it is really not your internet connection that is to blame in this scenario.

2. Check if your Google Assistant is turned On or not.

Another reason why your Google Assistant is not responding could be because it is turned off. You need to ensure that you turn it on for it to work. If you have already made sure that your internet is working, but Google Assistant is still not responding, then you need to try these steps: Your Google Assistant is now on and can be used as intended. Hopefully, this will fix Google Assistant not working on Android 13 error for your device.

3. Ensure your microphone is turned On.

The Google Assistant works based on voice commands. Therefore, it must always access your microphone to respond to those voice commands. Users have reported that after updating to Android 13, the microphone turned off by default. Therefore, you may need to turn it on again from the settings. Use the following steps, to turn your microphone permissions on:    This will turn your permissions for the microphone on, and your Google Assistant will respond to your voice commands.

4. Clear Google application cache data.

If the steps mentioned above have not worked out for you, then you can try to clear cache data for this app. Cache data is temporary storage that stores data every time you conduct a task on the app. If the Cache data storage is full, it won’t accept new tasks. Usually, this clears up automatically, but you can also try to do it manually. Follow these steps to perform this action: This will clear away all existing Cache data on the app. Don’t worry, as it will not remove any of your settings, so you will not have to reconfigure them. Hopefully, these tips will help you learn how to fix Google Assistant not working on Android 13 error. Be sure to try out all the tips in the article mentioned above in the order dictated. So that you can continue to use Google Assistant in your day-to-day life.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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