This problem arises due to some some specific option that turned on on your phone. It reduces the motion, effects and animations on your iPhone iOS 10 to increase performance and battery life. But it doesn’t impact greatly on battery life and phone’s performance. To see how to fix iMessage Effects not working on iOS 10 you would need to follow the simple steps below. Also Get paid apps for free with vShare iOS 10, No Jailbreak.

iOS 10 is just released. It has a bundle of new features like, optimize storage, smart download, cloase all taps in safari, unwanted apps hide feature, prioritize downloads, quick actions, bedtime reminders and plenty of other features. Coming to the real topic, iMessages effects not working in iOS 10 is the matter we are here to talk about. The reason why imessage effects not showing on your iPhone is the Reduce Motion option. You may have accidently turned it on or it is turned on by default then your imessage effects won’t show. Turning this feature off will result in working imessage effects. So, you can turn it off by following the steps below.

How to Fix iMessage Effects Not Showing in iOS 10

You can follow these steps to turn off reduce motion option. Which will make you effects in messages visible again.


Unlock your iPhone or iPad.


Now head over to Setting. Open the General tab.


Now look for Accessibility option and tap on it to open.


There will be different options. You can have look at them later. First scroll down to the bottom. There will be a Reduce Motion option. Turn off the reduce motion option.

And that is it. You have fixed iMessage Effects Not working on iOS 10. Ask questions in the Comments sections below. Share it and subscribe. Bye Guys, See ya!!.