Are you tired of receiving the “Mobile Network State Disconnected” error on Android? This is a bug that multiple users have reported receiving. It is commonly found in older Android devices. Due to this error, you may be unable to connect to the internet while you can still make or receive calls.  This can be quite infuriating, as being disconnected from the internet means being disconnected from social media. However, do not worry this article is aimed to help you learn how to fix Mobile Network State disconnected on Android. 

1. Restart Your Device.

The easiest and most convenient option is to reboot your device simply. It will solve many underlying problems you may not even be aware of. Restarting your phone resets a lot of data and settings that may be at the core of this problem.  To Restart your phone, follow these steps: After your phone has restarted, wait for some time and try and check if your problem has been resolved.

2. Switch Off the Airplane Mode.

If your phone is on Airplane Mode, it may be causing problems with your internet connection. Be sure to switch it off so you may check if it is to blame for the Mobile Network Disconnection error.  To switch off your Airplane mode, simply scroll down the notification panel. Check if the Airplane Mode icon is switched off. If it is not turned off, simply tap on it to turn it off.

3. Insert Your SIM Card Correctly.

If your SIM card is not put properly into the SIM card tray, then it may be the culprit here. Taking out your SIM and replacing it properly is bound to fix Mobile State Disconnected issues.  First, you will need to remove your SIM card. To do this, use the SIM ejector tool and push it gently into the SIM card hole to release the tray. Once the tray ejects, simply remove the SIM card from its place and place it back again properly. You can now push the tray back into the slot and close it.  You can now restart your device and check to see if the error persists or not.

4. Reset Your APN Settings.

APN settings refer to your Access Point Names. These settings are responsible for connecting your device to the network and internet. If they are not set up correctly, they could be causing the Mobile Network State Disconnected Error on Android. Here is how to reset your APN settings: Once you have followed these steps, be sure to reboot your device for these settings to take effect and check if the issue persists.

5. Turn Off your VPN.

A VPN allows you to browse the internet from a different IP address than the one you currently own. It is a good safety measure that prevents others from snooping on your information on the internet using your IP address.  However, using a VPN causes your internet connection to slow down since it has to ping from multiple locations before reaching the target server. Therefore, you should turn off your VPN to not have your mobile network state disrupted. 

6. Turn Off Wi-Fi Connection.

Turn off your Wi-Fi connection when using the mobile data because, in many Android devices, this stops the Mobile Data from working. To turn off the Wi-FI connection, use the following steps:

7. Switch to a 3G Signal.

If you have a 3G SIM, your phone settings may not be compatible with it and will have to be changed. You will have to change your phone settings to 3G so that it no longer shows a Mobile Network State Disconnected error.  Follow these steps to change your phone settings to 3G: You can now try connecting to the internet again.

8. Upgrade Your SIM Card to 4G or 5G.

Many service providers are now offering their SIM cards in 4G or 5G. Consider getting your SIM upgraded. 3G is an old technology that is probably the reason why you are getting bad signals and a Mobile Network State Disconnected error.  Upgrading your SIM will not only result in better signals and higher internet speed but will also resolve your problem.

9. Uninstall Security Apps.

In case you have any anti-virus or other malware protection services, those apps may be causing the Mobile Network State Disconnected error on Android. These apps can block your network signals and their settings. It works similarly to a firewall. Try uninstalling these apps to see if your problem gets resolved.

10. Switch to Another SIM.

It may be possible that the SIM you are trying to use is having network connectivity issues from the service provider’s end. To overcome this, you can try switching to another SIM card to see if that works. This only works if you have a device that already has 2 SIM cards connected. Here is how to switch to another SIM:

11. Reset Network Settings.

If nothing seems to work in your case. This step may be what you need all along. If your NFC is not functioning properly, the last bet is to reset network settings. Doing so, will reset your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data settings as well. However, it will most likely fix your problem. Here is how to reset your Network Settings: After this, you may have to re-configure all your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data settings again. Therefore, you will have to connect to those manually once again.

12. Try Another SIM Card.

Lastly, if you have already tried all the steps mentioned above, then you can try using another SIM card. You will need to manually insert a different SIM card into your device and check if it is working. If it is, then you can ascertain that the problem is not because of your device. Instead, you will have to replace the faulty SIM and get it checked since the other SIM card is functioning perfectly fine. Hopefully, this guide will help you learn how to fix Mobile Network State Disconnected issues on Android. Be sure to try out all the steps mentioned in this article, in the order, they are mentioned. So that you can continue to use the internet on your device without any hindrance. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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