All recent smartphones are now equipped with tech that allows them to use NFCs. You may not know this, but your phone has such capabilities. It offers many advantages and features that can help you with various tasks. Be it, creating peer-to-peer connections or transferring data apps across devices. Recently many users have reported that their NFC is not functioning on Android devices. More specifically, on devices that have upgraded to Android 13. Do not worry, as this guide is aimed at helping you learn how to fix NFC not working on Android. One of the many fixes mentioned below is bound to help you fix this problem.

1. Reboot Your Device.

The easiest and most convenient option is to reboot your device simply. It will solve a lot of underlying problems that you may not even be aware of. Restarting your phone resets a lot of data and settings that may be at the core of this problem.  To restart your phone, follow these steps: After your phone has restarted, wait for some time and try and check if your NFC is functioning now. 

2. Enable the NFC.

This may seem like simple advice, but it is quite commonly missed. Users will have turned on NFC, but it may have automatically turned off. This is because if the NFC is not being used for quite some time, your device will automatically turn it off. This saves battery life, and your phone does not have to run an extra task that is not being used. Therefore, scroll down the notification panel and check to see if NFC is still enabled. If it has turned off, then you may need to enable it again to use its functions.

3. Disable Bloatware Apps.

Bloatware Apps are unnecessary apps that come pre-installed on your device and tend to take a toll on its performance. Due to this toll, the device cannot run at its full capacity and is often hindered in the tasks it performs.  To uninstall any such useless app, follow these steps: Doing this will uninstall the unwanted app from your phone. You can now check and see if this has solved your problem.

4. Remove the Back Cover.

Many users have reported that simply removing the phone’s back cover has helped them solve this problem. This is because for the NFC to work, it requires a distance of no more than 4 cm. Therefore, if your device has a thick back cover, then you may not be able to tap your device on a terminal that supports NFC.  Additionally, a metallic covering may even interfere with the NFC coils inside your device. Therefore, if your device has a metallic covering or magnetic component, then it may be causing the NFC to malfunction. Consider taking it off when using NFC.

5. Use it Correctly.

It is important to understand how to use the NFC on your device so that you get the results you are expecting from it. Firstly, identify where the NFC component on your phone is. Usually, it is located on the back of your device near the phone’s camera.  When you tap to pay or connect via NFC, make sure to tap the area where your NFC may be. Simply tap the NFC tag on the different parts of the POS machine until you get it right. Trial and error is the best way to attain this. Make sure also to place your phone on the device terminal correctly. Your phone’s NFC must connect with the device’s NFC for the connection to take place. Usually, the Wi-Fi icon denotes where the NFC may be present. Therefore, be sure to place your device on it accordingly to ensure that the connection is established.

6. Clear the Cache of NFC Service.

If your NFC is not working right, it may be because it has a fully loaded cache. The cache is your temporary storage full of junk data based on your activity with the NFC service. Each time you connected to another NFC, you created this cache which inevitably filled up your storage.   By removing and clearing this cache, you can allow your NFC service to create new connections. Follow these steps to clear the cache of the NFC Service: Following these steps will clear your NFC service cache and allow it to function properly once again. 

7. Reset Network Settings.

Lastly, if nothing seems to work in your case. This step may be what you need all along. If your NFC is not functioning properly, the last bet is to reset network settings. Doing so will reset your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data settings as well. However, it will most likely fix your problem. Here is how to reset your Network Settings: After this, you may have to re-configure all your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data settings again. Therefore, you will have to connect to those manually once again. Hopefully, this guide on how to fix NFC not working on Android will have been helpful to you. Be sure to try out all the steps mentioned above in the order, they are dictated so that you do not miss any of them. This will fix your problem and allow you to continue using your NFC. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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