AliExpress is a huge online store that has users all over the world buying and selling on it. Maintaining such a vast e-commerce platform requires security. However, due to this reason, you may be facing the error of orders closed due to security reasons on AliExpress. When an order is closed due to security reasons, AliExpress refunds the customer their money. This process can take about 15-20 days to complete. AliExpress will continue to safeguard your money until it’s completed.  This problem may be caused by multiple factors that we will address within this article. These factors are most likely causing your orders to be closed. Therefore, do not worry and simply continue reading on.

1. Provide Complete Details.

This error is generated if the system detects that a security breach was intended. However, we all know that no system is perfect. A lack of details entered within an order may have caused the system to believe a security breach was imminent. Due to this reason, your order may have been automatically canceled. Therefore, the customer must provide complete details in the required fields when purchasing an item. Make sure to double-check your entered details so that you are not making any errors.

2. Check the Reason for the Error.

The best way to know why your orders are closed is to check the explanation given by AliExpress simply. Whenever your order is canceled, you are given a valid reason as to why that occurred. To check this, you need to follow these steps: This should inform you of the reason why your order was closed. Doing so will allow you to avoid whatever mistake you make while ordering, in the future. Then you may either re-order the item or simply order your refund back.

3. Turn off VPN to Fix Closed Orders.

Another major reason for this problem is that users may use VPNs. This can present problems as it masks your location. If the App detects an active VPN, it will result in orders being closed due to security reasons on AliExpress. Essentially, VPNs do not allow your IP Address to be seen by other websites. Therefore, when the AliExpress server cannot read your IP Address, it will issue a security breach protocol.  Consider closing off your VPN next time you shop on an E-commerce platform to solve this problem.

4. Unblock your AliExpress Account.

If your orders are being closed automatically, it may be a sign that your AliExpress Account has been blocked. There can be multiple reasons why your account is blocked. Some of those reasons can be:

Breaching any one of AliExpress’s business rules for buyers. Detection of Unusual activity which has led to your account being blocked for security reasons. You have unsubscribed from your account, whether knowingly or unknowingly. You have many disputes and are abusing the user protection rules provided by AliExpress.

The best way not to block your account is to avoid violating or breaking any of the AliExpress business rules. Maintaining a good relationship with the sellers and using legal cards to pay for your orders are all equally important points. Even if you can log in to your account, you may not know that your account is blocked until you receive an error message. Your AliExpress account has been suspended for security reasons is a common message to receive in this case. It could also show you that your account has been deactivated.  Therefore, get your account unblocked by contacting customer support for you to place orders once again on the app.

5. Switch to AliExpress Pocket or Wallet.

Most of the time, your orders are closed due to suspicious transactions or if there is a discrepancy in the money transfer. The best way to solve this problem is to deposit money into your AliExpress Pocket or Wallet.  This will allow you to use that wallet to pay for all your future purchases without using your card on the website. This should help you see fewer orders closed due to security reasons on AliExpress.

6. Order Again.

Sometimes the order is simply closed due to a technical error. It may have been caused by the AliExpress system itself or a banking error because of your payment. Regardless of whatever the reason was, simply order your product again. Most of the time, the situation will resolve itself. By ordering again, you will not encounter the order closed due to security reasons on AliExpress error.

7. Seek Customer Care.

If you have followed this guide religiously from top to bottom and are still facing this problem, then you may contact customer care. The AliExpress customer care effectively deals with these problems and will point out the reason for this error. If it is a system error from their end, they may even fix it. However, be sure to actually try out all the solutions presented within this article first. If you choose to go down this route, you will want to know what the problem was before you can explain it. Contacting customer care works perfectly as a last-resort option and will solve your problem. Hopefully, this guide will have helped you solve the orders closed due to security reasons on the AliExpress problem. This guide was prepared systematically to ensure that all possible solutions are listed for you to try and test. This will ensure that you continue to use the App without any hindrance in the future. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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