The Phone Link app is an essential tool for people who connect their smartphones to PCs daily. As the name suggests, this app allows you to sync your phone’s data with the computer, such as pictures, messages, and even notifications. However, it can be quite frustrating if the Phone Link app suddenly stops working or is having trouble launching. This may occur if you have disabled Phone Link features in the system, disallowed the Phone Link app to run in the background, or have corrupted files on your computer. There are many quick fixes to get rid of this issue through which you can get your Phone Link app to start working again. By reading this article, you can identify the main cause of the problem and resolve the issue by any of the methods below. So, let’s continue!

The Phone Link app allows you to access messages, calls, notifications, etc. You can turn on and off specific features for all your linked devices. So, if the Phone Link app is not working properly on Windows 11, you should first ensure that the app features are enabled.  Here’s how to do it:

2. Use Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter. 

Windows Troubleshooter can help your PC detect and fix common problems using specific built-in troubleshooters. So, if you can’t get the Phone Link app to function properly, consider running the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter. These are the steps you must follow: After running the troubleshooter, reboot your PC and check if the problem is resolved or not. 

3. Allow App to Run in the Background.

The Phone Link app syncs your phone in real-time so you can receive notifications, calls, texts, etc. To fetch new and updated data, the program must run continuously in the background. So, if you haven’t given permission for the Phone Link app to work in the background, chances are, it won’t be syncing properly. To fix it, allow the app to always run in the background. Here’s how:

4. Check App Permissions on Your Device.

Every app on your phone requires certain permissions to function correctly. Similarly, the Link to Windows app, which is the companion app for the Phone Link app on your device, needs permission from your device to work.  So, if the app is not syncing on your PC, follow these steps below: 

Sometimes, an app may fail to properly execute its functions due to connectivity issues or temporary bugs. So, if you’re facing the Phone Link app not working on Windows 11 problem, consider unlinking and relinking your devices to resolve it.  Follow these steps to do it: 

6. Turn Off Battery Saver on the PC.  

Although the battery saver mode on your PC optimizes the battery, it hampers apps from running in the background, which may be why you can’t get the Phone Link app to work. In such a case, turning off the battery saver mode will fix your issue.  Here’s what you need to do:

If you still cannot open the Phone Link app after trying the basic troubleshooting fixes, a workable fix is to delete the app and then reinstall it. The installation files of the app may be damaged or corrupted, causing various issues.  Follow the steps below to reinstall the app on your PC:

8. Reset the Phone App.

If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above but the Phone Link app still doesn’t open or sync properly, your last resort is to reset the app. This will delete all the corrupted files within the app and give it a fresh start. Remember that this method will also delete all of the app’s data from your computer.  To reset the Phone app on your computer, perform these steps:  This sums up our guide on how to fix the Phone Link app not working on Windows 11. Hopefully, you’ve resolved the issue by following the methods mentioned in this guide. Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. We’ll happily get back to you! If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊