Pokemon GO has been a phenomenon and continues to be one, especially within the mobile games community. However, much like any other app, the game has bugs. This can be frustrating when you simply try to have fun and play the game. Do not worry; this article will help you learn how to fix Pokemon GO not opening on Android. There are multiple problems that users have reported with the app, such as the game freezing or getting stuck on the loading screen and not opening. This can be caused by several reasons, which we will go over at length within this article.  Here are some fixes you can try to fix this problem.

1. Restart the Game.

If the game is stuck when you are playing, you should try to restart it all together. You can do this to have it reconnect with the server. A lost connection with the server can lead to problems, and a simple restart is the best way to fix this. Follow these steps to restart the game: Once you do this, wait for 10 seconds and try opening the game again. It should be working fine now. However, if you still encounter any problem, you can try the fix mentioned in this article.

2. Clear Pokemon GO App Cache.

If the app cache is full, it may cause the game to bug out or hang since its storage space is full. Usually, the app cache will drain itself, but there are times when you will need to do it yourself manually. Doing this will remove all the junk data and have your app working again. Do the following to clear the app cache on your device:    Doing this will clear your app cache and have the app working on your device again. You can now open the game and see if it is working again.

3. Update the App.

Most of the time, the app is not loading or showing glitches and bugs because they exist within the game. These glitches and bugs are from the developer’s end and need to be removed by them. Since there is nothing you can do about it, all you can hope to do is wait for it to be reported so that a new update is rolled down as a fix.  To check for a new update to the app, try this: Doing this will update your game. Once the update downloads, you can relaunch the game to see if it is working.

4. Check Internet Connection.

If your internet connection is weak or disconnected, then Pokemon GO cannot connect with the servers. Syncing with the server requires an active internet connection, therefore, a problem with your connection can cause problems in the game. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and that it is connected to your device. You can also switch between Wi-Fi and Data to see which works best for you. If you are currently on your Wi-Fi and facing problems within the app, try switching to Mobile Data. This way, it is easy for you to ascertain whether or not the internet connection is to blame.

5. GPS Signal Not Found. 

Most users have reported seeing the dreaded GPS Signal not found error in the game. This is because your location is turned off. You will be able to run the game but will face glitches and cannot perform certain tasks. Firstly, ensure that your GPS is turned on, however, if it is and you are still facing this problem, then try these steps. If you have blocked the permission for location, you can change it by following these steps. This will ensure that the game now reads your GPS is enabled and works properly. 

6. Check Pokemon GO Servers.

Sometimes the game servers themselves will be down, which will cause problems on your end. Therefore before you try any of the solutions posted in this article, ensure that the problem is not from the server’s end.  An easy way to check whether the problem is from your end or not is to head over to Down Detector. This website lets you know if other users also face a problem connecting to the game’s servers. That way, you can rest assured that the problem is from their end and simply wait for it to be fixed.

7. Force stop the App.

If the Pokemon GO app is malfunctioning or not launching properly, you can try to force-stop it and relaunch it. Usually, if you only close the app from your recent windows, it will remain open in the background. Therefore, it is essential to force stop it from eliminating all running tasks in the background. Here is how to force stop an app: Doing this will force stop the app, and you can now try to relaunch the app to see if it is working again.

8. Reinstall Pokemon GO.

If none of the steps above seem to work out for you, then it is probably best for you to reinstall the app, altogether. To do this, you will first have to uninstall it and then install it again. You can follow these steps to execute this properly: This will have reinstalled the app for you and should hopefully fix whatever problem it is that you are facing. Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to fix Pokemon GO Not Opening on Android. Using these tips, you can resolve this problem, so be sure to try them all in the sequence they are written. This will allow you to continue to enjoy playing the game and catch ‘em all! If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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