Rockstar Games is an American video game company. It is among the biggest names in the industry and is the one behind the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. Among its greatest creations are GTA V and GTA V Online, which have been running for almost a decade.  To access your favorite Rockstar titles, you will have to use its dedicated launcher. This is also what you’ll need if you want to play online with your friends.  Unfortunately, the Rockstar Games launcher hasn’t been working as it should lately.  If you are reading this, we can assume that you are among the many users who encounter problems with the launcher.  Usually, server downtimes and corrupted data are the most common culprit as to why the Rockstar Games launcher is not working. However, it can also be due to unstable network connections, improper configurations, and third-party apps.  Today, we will show you how to troubleshoot the Rockstar Games launcher if it’s not working on your computer.  Let’s dive right in!

1. Check Rockstar Games Servers. 

Like any online platform or service, Rockstar Games relies on its servers to deliver content and features. If you encounter problems with the game launcher, it could be related to ongoing system maintenance or server downtime.  To confirm this, you can head to Rockstar Games’ status page and see if there are reported issues with the servers.  If the platform is down, the only option you have is to wait it out since server-related problems can’t be resolved on your end. On the other hand, you can proceed to the next solution below if there’s nothing wrong with the servers. 

2. Restart Your Computer. 

If you encounter issues with Rockstar Games, you should try restarting your computer first. This should rule out minor errors on your system that could be causing problems with the game launcher.  See the steps below to restart your PC:  Go back to Rockstar Games afterward to check if the problem is solved. 

3. Run Rockstar Games As Admin. 

System restrictions could also be the reason Rockstar Games is not working on your computer. If the launcher cannot access certain resources, it won’t be able to function as it should, which explains the error.  To fix this, check out the steps below to run the game launcher as an admin:  Try running the app again to see if the problem is solved. 

4. Check Your Network Connection. 

Unstable internet connections could also be the reason you encounter issues with the Rockstar Games launcher. Since you are using an online service, you need to ensure that your network is running at its optimal performance.  To check if your network is the problem, perform a test using to measure its upload and download bandwidth.  If the result indicates a problem with your connection, restart your modem or router to re-establish the link with your ISP’s servers. Disconnect your router from the wall outlet and wait for at least five seconds before plugging it back in.  Once done, re-run the test on your network to check if the problem is solved. If you continue to encounter problems, contact your service provider and ask them to take over the situation. 

5. Update Your Display Drivers. 

Outdated or faulty display drivers could also be the reason the Rockstar Games launcher is not working on your computer. If you encounter problems launching games, it is likely that your GPU is not functioning normally.  To rule this out, see the steps below to update your drivers:  Restart your system to apply the changes and relaunch Rockstar Games to verify if the update worked. 

6. Disable Antivirus. 

Antiviruses are software that protects your system and files from malware, trojan, and other forms of harmful applications. However, some antivirus tends to be overprotective and block even legitimate apps from running.  If you encounter issues with Rockstar Games, consider disabling your protection and see if the software will work.  You can also add the game launcher to your antivirus’ exception list if it supports that feature. 

7. Flush Your DNS. 

If you are experiencing issues connecting to the servers, it might be a problem with your DNS cache. To fix this, simply flush your DNS.  Here’s what you need to do:  Go back to Rockstar Games and see if it’s now working. 

8. Reinstall Rockstar Games. 

At this point, the last thing you can do is remove the game launcher from your computer and install a fresh copy. This way, you can ensure that Rockstar Games is installed correctly and there are no missing resources on your computer.  Follow the steps below to delete Rockstar Games:  Go to Rockstar’s official website to download the latest installer.  That ends our guide on how to fix the Rockstar Games launcher if it’s not working correctly. If you have other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to respond.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂