Safari has been the default iOS browser for many years and is loved by users for its easy and simple interface. But it can pose a serious difficulty if it goes missing. As strange as it sounds, many users have reported that their app cannot be seen anywhere on their iPhones. This situation can be quite frustrating as you would have to look for the Safari app before you can go ahead and search the internet. However, one thing is for sure. Since Safari is a stock application, it cannot be deleted from your iPhone. You just need to locate it in the right place. That’s where we come into play. We’ve listed below several ways you can go through your iPhone to find your lost application. Simply follow the instructions carefully to bring Safari back to your Home Screen for easy access. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Look for Safari in All Screens and Folders.

When the Safari icon goes missing from your main screen, the first step is to search all folders and screens. You might have accidentally moved the Safari app to a folder or another screen. Swipe right and left to view the multiple screens. Then, open each folder to check if the Safari app is in there. If you have more than nine apps in a single folder, you’ll need to swipe through that as well. If you don’t find Safari in any of the screens or folders, don’t fret. Simply go through more methods listed below.

2. Use Spotlight Search to Find Safari.

Spotlight Search is a feature on all Apple devices that lets you find apps, contacts, files, settings, and more. So, when Safari goes missing from your Home Screen, you can simply use this feature to find it and place it back to where it was before. Below are the steps you should follow:

3. Use App Library to Find Safari.

Although Home Screen is used to provide direct access to most of your apps, all of them don’t necessarily have to be there. Your iPhone has an App Library with all the installed applications in one place. It also groups the apps in separate folders based on their use. To find Safari in the App Library and bring it back to your Home Screen, follow these steps:

4. Restart Your Device.

Most iPhone-related issues are usually fixed by restarting the device. This removes all the services and programs running in the background, which eliminates any responsible glitches or bugs in the system alongside. Here’s how to restart your iPhone:

5. Open Safari From the App Store.

In case it’s urgent for you to open Safari and search for something, you can quickly launch it from the App Store. This is a simple workaround until you find the missing Safari app icon and bring it back to your Home Screen.  Follow the steps below to do so: This should resolve the Safari disappeared from the home screen on iPhone problem. Otherwise, move to the next method mentioned in this guide. 

6. Unhide Home Screen Page.

If app icons other than Safari have also gone missing, you might have hidden an entire Home Screen page. But don’t worry. You can easily bring that page back and all the app icons it contains. Simply follow the instructions below:

7. Remove Screen Time Restrictions.

If you recently put restrictions on Safari, this may be the reason why its icon has gone missing. iPhones have a Screen Time feature that lets users limit their app usage or put restrictions to prevent others from using that app. Here’s how to check and remove Restrictions from Safari:

8. Reset Home Screen Layout.

If you’re still unable to fix Safari disappearing from Home Screen on iPhone, your last option is to reset the Home Screen layout back to the way it was by default. Since Safari is a stock app, it will restore its position along with all the other default apps to the way it was when you first got your hands on your iPhone. Here’s how to follow this method: This concludes our guide on how to fix Safari disappeared from the home screen on iPhone. We hope that by now, you’ve successfully gotten Safari back on your home screen by following the methods mentioned in this guide. If you have any clarifications, let us know in the comments section below. We’ll try our best to assist further.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊