Are you having problems with your Android screen turning black during phone calls? This has been a common problem reported by multiple users. Due to this problem, you cannot access the various options available during the call. Such as speaker, mute, record, or even ending a call.  This can be quite frustrating, however, do not worry, as this article will help you understand how to fix phone screen goes black during call on an Android problem.  Usually, this problem occurs with a proximity sensor on your device. It turns the screen black when it detects a physical obstruction to avoid you accidentally touching any options. If this sensor is not functioning properly or has a software problem, you can try the following steps discussed below to fix it.

1. Press the Side Button to Turn On the Screen.

The proximity sensor is supposed to turn on the screen when the phone is removed from the skin or any physical obstruction. However, if it is unable to do this, you can use the side buttons on your device to turn the screen on again. The side buttons will increase or decrease the volume, causing the screen to light up in response.

2. Remove Rugged Cases.

Your phone’s casing can also impact why your phone screen goes black during calls. This is because cases bought from third-party providers don’t cut their cases precisely as per the phone’s measurements. 

3. Remove Screen Protector.

Similar to phone casing, an improper screen protector will cover the proximity sensor. As the sensor detects a physical obstruction, it will cause the screen to turn black. Due to this, you are facing problems during a call.  You should always try to buy a screen protector from a branded company as they make sure only to cover the screen and not the sensors. Also, your screen protector should not be too thick, as this decreases contact with the screen and causes your sensor to malfunction. Remove your screen protector if you think it may be causing this problem.

4. Don’t Use Third-Party Phone Apps.

Most Android devices allow you to change your default phone apps. Due to this, you may have set a third-party app as your default phone app. This third-party software could be causing problems for your device during calls. If you are such a user, you may need to remove this third-party app and return to the original phone app. Here is how you can change your phone app on Android: This will change the phone app on your device back to the original app that came pre-installed. It is advised you stick to this app as it will not only solve your problem but also takes less RAM on your device.

5. Check Physical or Water Damage on Your Phone.

If your android device is old or was recently damaged, then your proximity sensor may be glitching due to this damage. Additionally, if your phone came into contact with a lot of water, it may have suffered water damage. Both these factors may contribute to a damaged proximity sensor. If this is the case for your device, then you may need to have the sensor repaired. You will have to visit a service center and get your device checked. If your phone is still under warranty, then all the better. Regardless, the proximity sensor being damaged is what is causing the phone screen to turn black during calls and has to be fixed.

6. Force Stop Phone App.

Another common problem could be that your Phone app is glitching and causing a black screen whenever you are on a call. To solve this, you will need to restart the Phone app. You will need to force stop the Phone app and start it again. You can try the following steps to do that: Once you force stop the app, wait for 30 seconds and open it again. You will most likely not come across the phone screen turning black problem again.

7. Uninstall Phone App Updates.

Did you recently install a Phone app update? If so, then that new update may be a bit buggy and could be the reason for this problem. You will need to uninstall this new update to revert back to the update that was working for your device.  To uninstall phone app updates, try the following steps: By doing this, your Phone App will revert back to the old update. This should solve your problem for you.

8. Update Android System.

The developers at Android are constantly releasing new updates to fix all kinds of bugs and glitches with your device. It may be a bug in the current update on the Android System, which may be causing a black screen during calls. You simply need to update your device to fix this problem. Here is how you can do that:    It will take a while for your device to update. After which, you can check to see if your problem has been resolved. Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to fix phone screen goes black during call on android problem. Be sure, to try out all the steps mentioned in this guide, in the order they are. So that you can continue to call your friends and family without any problem. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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