With more and more cool new features and applications being introduced daily in the iOS environment, it gets harder to prevent yourself from indulging in the world of technology. However, it may lead you to divert your focus, miss your deadlines, and even disregard your interests.  To combat this situation, Apple thoughtfully introduced the Screen Time feature. It allows you to monitor your activity and limit the usage of your device. It also has several parental control features to put restrictions on certain apps and websites. Unfortunately, there may come times when Screen Time, which is supposed to help your digital well-being, stops working. It may display Screen Time not showing data on iPhone screen. Luckily this issue has several fixes, which we’ll be discussing below. So carefully follow through till the end!

1. Check Screen Time Settings.

Before you assume something has gone wrong with the Screen Time feature, ensure that it is enabled on your iPhone in the first place. You may have accidentally disabled it from Settings, hence why it’s not showing data anymore. Here’s how to enable the feature: In case it was already enabled, turn the toggle on and off to restart the feature. This will resolve any temporary glitch that could be preventing Screen Time from working properly.

2. Restart Your Device.

Restarting your iPhone generally resolves most issues related to the services and features running in the device software. For this reason, we recommend you follow this method in case you’re experiencing Screen Time not showing data on iPhone.  Follow the steps below to do it: After your iPhone restarts, check whether Screen Time is showing data. If it fails to do so, check out the next solution to fix your issue. 

3. Disable Low Power Mode.

When you turn on Low Power mode, your iPhone will only load and update the application and services currently running. All the background activity and features that consume more power will be restricted. This could be another reason why you’re having trouble with the Screen Time feature. In this case, disable the Low Power mode by following the steps below: This should resolve the problem you’re facing. 

4. Ensure the Date & Time Is Correct.

The correct date and time configuration is essential for most iOS features to work properly. When your location or time doesn’t match your actual geographical region, most services will have trouble syncing. Here’s how to resolve this issue: After you’re done, check if the issue of Screen Time not showing data on iPhone is solved. Otherwise, follow the next method from this guide. 

5. Check Apple System Status.

Very rarely, but possibly Apple servers may go down, affecting the functionality of its services. So when you’re encountering Screen Time not showing data on iPhone, the problem may not always be on your end.  You can check if that’s the case by visiting the Apple System Status page. There, check if the dot next to Screen Time is green, which signals the feature servers are active. In case it’s red, there isn’t anything you can do to get the feature to work again other than wait.

6. Clear Usage Data.

When the user data or cache gets full, Screen Time may not display the reports. However, you can easily fix this by clearing the usage data of the feature. To do so, follow the instructions below:

7. Re-Login to Apple ID.

It’s possible that the problem doesn’t lie in your device but rather in your iCloud. In this situation, you can try logging out and back into your account to clean the temporary cache. Follow the steps below to do so: Once done, make sure that the Screen Time is showing data. If not, try updating your device to the latest iOS version by following the steps mentioned below. 

8. Update Your iOS.

Since most people are reporting the issue of Screen Time not showing data on iPhone, it could be a widespread error related to iOS. So keep an eye out for an update as Apple considers and resolves such bugs through a version update. When it’s available, follow the steps below to install it on your iPhone:

9. Reset All Settings.

Misconfigured settings is another reason behind Screen Time not showing data on iPhone. If you can’t exactly locate the responsible setting, you can revert to the factory settings by resetting. This method would not delete data or apps on your device, so don’t worry about keeping a backup. Simply follow the steps explained below:

10. Go For Alternatives.

When nothing seems to resolve the issue with Screen Time not showing data on iPhone, it’s time to look for alternatives. Many apps on the App Store provide similar functions for restricting and controlling the usage of apps like OffScreen, ScreenZen, etc. This brings us to the end of our guide on how to fix Screen Time not showing data on iPhone. If you have further questions, leave them in the comments section below. We’ll make sure to get back to you in no time.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊