Are you having trouble loading search results on AliExpress? You have already tried everything, including restarting your internet router, but nothing seems to work. Well then, look no further. This article will help you solve this problem if the search could not load results on AliExpress. It may feel annoying, but this is a very common problem many users face. It’s usually because the program has only partially loaded the page and so needs a few adjustments to load the rest. Don’t worry, here are a few solutions you can try that are guaranteed to help load your results:

1. Wait for Some Time.

We know this is a fast-paced era where everyone wants to move fast and jump on to the next thing. However, patience can help more in these situations than you think. Usually, your internet is slowed down at that particular time, or the browser may be creating cookies and loading from the cache. This can take time which may only be a couple of seconds, but it feels like hours to you. Wait a while, and let the page fully load on its own. It needs that time to create relevant data the first time you open that page. 

2. Check Internet Speed.

So you have been waiting and waiting, and it’s already been 2 whole minutes, but your page still hasn’t loaded? Well, then, it may just be that your internet is to blame. Firstly make sure that your internet is connected to the PC. Often, the internet has disconnected and stopped the page from loading. If, however, your internet is still active, then you may check your internet speed. Slow data exchange between the website and your device can lead to this problem. You can use any Internet Speed Test to check for this discrepancy and identify if the real culprit is your internet that’s slowing down your browsing experience.

3. Update AliExpress App with Latest Version.

Another great way to solve your problem is to update your app. This can be done by going into Playstore or App store. You can find the AliExpress app and update it if a new version is available.  If the app isn’t updated with the relevant version, then that may be causing it to malfunction. Since it cannot connect with the server to load the search results. Usually, the app will have updated itself, but if there is a disconnection from your internet or you have manually shut off Auto-updates. Then you have to consider this step.

4. Check Permission of AliExpress App.

Often users have reported not giving permissions to the app because it cannot function as intended. Some permissions must be given for the app to perform as needed.  Usually, the app will ask for these permissions from you. However, if you denied them the first time or did not receive such a prompt, you can change this in Settings. Inside Settings, go to app Management, find the AliExpress app and change its permissions. Make sure you give it most of the required permissions so that it can load your results.

5. Restart the App.

This is a no-brainer solution, however, in the heat of things, you may have forgotten to restart the app simply. This can be done by closing the open window and re-opening it after a few seconds. This allows the app to reconfigure from scratch and try to load your require results again. This method may sound ineffective, but it often ends up solving this problem.

6. Login & Logout from AliExpress App.

Another great way to restart the app is to simply Logout of your current session. This allows the app to reconfigure the user and reset its cache. It may even be possible that because you logged in elsewhere, the device isn’t connected to the server and did not log out by itself. Therefore, by manually repeating this step, you are reconnecting the app to the AliExpress servers. Disconnection from the servers is one of the primary reasons for why the search could not load results from AliExpress. Therefore, log out and log back into the app, search for your desired product again, and it is sure to load the page this time without any errors.

7. Clear AliExpress App Cache.

Most of the apps inside your phone create temporary storage data called cache. This allows the app to run better and recognize patterns to load pages faster. This information is stored as cache and does not include any relevant data you could lose. Therefore, if the search could not load results from AliExpress, you can try clearing your app cache:  Note: Be careful not to delete any other data other than the app cache, as this might remove all of your saved data inside the app. By following these simple steps, you can clear the AliExpress app cache and fix your problem.

8. Restart your Phone.

Lastly, this may seem like an out-of-the-box solution but is one that works 90% of the time. Restarting your phone fixes a lot of issues that may have been going on with the app, which you were unable to resolve from the steps listed above. It not only restarts the app for you but also your internet connection or your phone’s cellular data connection. To restart your phone, follow these steps:  This will initiate the reboot process. This can take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes for the phone to reboot completely. Once the phone has restarted, you are bound to have solved your problem.  Hopefully, this guide will have helped you if the search could not load results on AliExpress. If any one of the solutions does not work, make sure you try them all in the manner indicated and in the relevant order. This will ensure that you can continue to search for products and do not disrupt your browsing experience.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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