You are searching for a product on AliExpress. You fill in the search bar, but the search comes up empty. No matter what you search for, the search does not return any results. What could be the reason for search not working in firefox on AliExpress? Well, this could result from an Ad-Blocker, browser cookies, caches, or another extension that’s hindering your search from yielding results. Don’t worry, in this article, we will go over all the possible solutions needed to solve this problem. Mostly this problem is found to be present within the Firefox browser. If you are an avid user of Firefox, you may have encountered this problem. Here are all the possible solutions you can try to solve search not working in firefox on AliExpress.

1. Clear Cache and Cookies.

First and foremost, you should try clearing your cache and cookies. They are the primary reason for this problem. Since the temporary storage is full, your search result can no longer yield results. To do this, follow these steps: Once you have completed this process. Close your Firefox browser. Wait for 10 seconds and then re-open it. This will restart the browser. Now you can open AliExpress and type out in the search bar. It will show you the required results as the temporary storage is now empty and can be refilled.

2. Start Firefox in Safe Mode.

Another great way to identify what might be causing the search not working in Firefox in AliExpress error is to run the browser in Safe Mode. The Safe Mode runs without any custom settings, themes, or extensions. If the search results come up in Safe Mode, you can assume that one of these may be the culprit. Therefore, to start the browser in Safe Mode, try the following steps: This should restart the browser and allow you to access Safe Mode. Your next step is to Open AliExpress and search for the product you need. If the search results are displaying fine now, then an extension may be to blame. Therefore, look for the extension that could be causing problems and turn it off. This will solve your problem.

3. Remove the Ad-Blocker.

Ad-Blocker can, at times, cause problems with how a website functions. Since Advertisements are a big part of any e-commerce platforms, this may be a reason why your search is not showing any results.  If you have an Ad-Blocker active, you will need to disable it. To do that, follow these steps: This will remove your Ad-Blocker and allow you to search for results on AliExpress. However, remember that by removing your Ad-Blocker, you will no longer receive its benefits. Since you downloaded it to avoid Ads, you will see many of them now. So be sure to keep this in mind when following these steps.

4. Switch to the Default Theme.

As we discussed earlier, themes may also be a reason why search is not working in Firefox on AliExpress. To remove the theme, you have selected, you will have to go back to the default one.  To change your theme back to default, use these steps: Doing this will change the selected theme of your Firefox browser. Preferably you should select a theme that isn’t too flashy. A simple black or white theme would be best as it would not be too intensive to run. After this, go back to the AliExpress browser and search for a product.

5. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration.

Hardware acceleration is an added feature in the firefox browser that can help it run faster at the expense of using more of the hardware capacity of your computer. However, if multiple windows are opened or you have a weak computer, your browser may not work as efficiently. Therefore, you should turn this setting off. To do this, follow these steps: This will turn off all hardware acceleration. You can now go to AliExpress and check if your search bar is working now.

6. Disable userChrome.css.

Lastly, if all the steps above have not worked out, you can try this as a last resort. It is a bit technical but don’t worry we have a step-by-step guide for it: Doing this will turn off all the excess usage that Firefox is using from your computer. You can now try to run AliExpress and see if the search yields results. Hopefully, this guide has helped you if the search is not working in Firefox on AliExpress. Be sure to try out all the solutions in the order mandated so that you do not skip any one. This will ensure that you can continue to search for products without any hindrance. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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