With the recent update of Android 13, a lot of bugs and glitches have surfaced on many devices that received the update. This includes bluetooth no longer working on these devices. However, do not worry. This guide will help you learn how to fix bluetooth not working issues on Android 13.

1. Restart Your Devices.

The best and easiest way to fix this bug is to restart your phone simply. Restarting your phone eradicates most of the problems that may have occurred due to unknown reasons. This also includes the bluetooth device that you’re trying to connect with. A restart of both devices will most likely fix this problem.

2. Forget and Pair Bluetooth Again.

If your bluetooth is not working, try reconnecting them. The first connection may have expired or was connected improperly. Your bluetooth may even have connected to someone else’s device. Therefore, it’s best to reconnect it and see if it works. To reconnect your bluetooth, try the following steps: This will allow you to reconnect your Bluetooth device as if it was not paired with your phone before. Most likely, this step will have been enough to get your Bluetooth working on Android 13.

3. Check Bluetooth Settings.

Checking your Bluetooth settings can help you determine the actual reason why your Bluetooth is not working on Android 13. To check your Bluetooth Settings, follow these steps: Once you have completed this step, your Bluetooth should start working.

4. Delete Bluetooth Cache and Data.

There is a strong possibility that the temporary data storage of your phone is full. This may cause it to not pick up any more data regarding your Bluetooth connection. To delete this temporary Data storage called Cache, you will have to consider these steps: This will clear out all the storage Data and existing Cache of your mobile phone’s bluetooth. Doing this will also eliminate all currently paired devices on your phone, so you may have to reconnect them.

5. Check for Software Updates.

Next, you can try to update your device. There may be a bug or a glitch that is causing your device to not connect to Bluetooth devices.  To update your system, do the following:1. Open the Settings app on your device.  2. Next, scroll down until you find the System Update or just the System tab.  3. After finding it, check if there is an Android update available.  4. If there is, click on Download and install it.

6. Ensure to Remove Obstacles.

This step may seem like common sense advice, but users often reported that they have obstacles between their phone and bluetooth device. Due to these obstacles, the Bluetooth Device is unable to connect properly. Ensure your Bluetooth device is in range of your Mobile Phone to effectively receive signals to connect.

7. Boot Your Phone in Safe Mode.

If nothing solves your problem, you may have to boot your phone in Safe Mode. This may be because there is a third-party application that is interfering with your bluetooth connection. Launching your phone in Safe Mode eliminates this. To boot your phone in Safe Mode, try the following steps: Once you are in Safe Mode, try and see if the Bluetooth connection is now working. If it is, you may need to uninstall any recent apps that you may have downloaded, as they could be the reason why Bluetooth is not working on your Android 13. To boot out of Safe Mode, simply reboot the phone normally, and it should boot up correctly.

8. Reset Bluetooth Settings.

If the steps mentioned above still have not solved your problem, then there may be a problem with how your Bluetooth settings are configured. To solve this, you will have to reset these configurations. This will eliminate any corrupt data or settings that may have been the primary problem. Here is how to reset your Bluetooth Settings: This will reset all your Bluetooth Settings, including your Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. You may have to re-configure those settings, but this is bound to have solved your Bluetooth problem.

9. Visit Service Center.

Lastly, if none of these solutions work for you. You will need to visit the Service Center and get your device checked. An expert can determine whether the problem lies with the software or the device’s hardware. If need be, they may even repair the device for you. Hopefully, this article will have taught you how to fix Bluetooth not working issue on Android 13. Be sure to try out all the steps mentioned in the guide above to continue enjoying using your bluetooth devices.  If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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