This usually occurs when your Android device fails to connect with the Google servers and your account is not being able to sync back, even though the Internet is working perfectly fine with other apps on your phone. How to fix this Android process issue? Don’t worry, below are some fixes, so, take a deep breath and follow the instructions. There are multiple solutions and tips that you can try to fix this issue.

Clear the Cache/Data

Clear the cache of that particular app which gives you this error on launching. Because chances are that this app is the cause of the problem. Quick fix, go to Settings > Apps and find the app in question. Tap the app and on the following page hit Clear cache. Also, you can clear the data for the app, too. This means that you will lose any game progress or chat conversations, etc., so you might want to back up your app data first. See if that works, if not keep reading.

Uninstall Google Play Store App

Google play store app gets frequent background updates for your phone and one bad update can cause this problem with all your other Google services. So, to uninstall the app Go to Settings > Apps > scroll down to “Google Play Store” app. Open the app details and tap on the “Uninstall updates” button. No? Move to next fix.

Clear Google Play Services data/cache

There is another quick solution you can try. This involves removing all of your Google Play Services data. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services. On the App info page, tap Clear cache. Also Clear the Google Services Framework cache. This could be one of the reasons why you are not able to connect to Google servers using the app and keep getting the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”error message. Go to Settings > Apps > find it > force stop > clear cache.

Google Account

Have you recently changed your Google/Gmail account password? If yes, then you will need to re-enter your password on your Android device to get all your Google services back. As soon as you change your Google account password, your device gets a notification to enter the new password. Do it or your Google Play Store or any other Google service will not sync or work properly.

Reset app preferences

Go to the Settings > Apps > All and reset the app preferences (the option for this is found via the three-dots). This will bring all of your apps’ settings back to square one, but it won’t delete any app data.

Disable Automatic Updates

Turn off automatic updates from the Play Store, the surprise problem won’t happen as often. You should still remember to manually update your apps anyway. To disable automatic updates, go to your Google Play Store app settings and deactivate automatic updates.

Rooted Devices

If you’ve Rooted your Android device, it means you also have installed custom recovery CWM or TWRP. For users with rooted devices, there is another solution that you can try. Turn your device off and boot into recovery mode. When you’re in recovery menu tap ‘advanced’. There go clear your ‘dalvik cache’ and reboot your device.

Factory Reset

If non of the above fixes worked then unfortunately you have to reset factory data. Now, this seems to be the last option and before you do this, please make sure you backup all your Important data on your Android device. Did these tips help you fix the problem? You tried something else? Please share using comment box. Thanks!