Android 13 is the most recent major update to the Android OS and is among the best-performing phone operating software. Even though it runs pretty smoothly, one of the most recurring issues in Android 13 is with video playbacks. Consequently, all users with this problem should know how to fix video not working on Android 13. Though significant problems lead to the Video Playback not working correctly, it is often a small issue. Because of this, before going for serious repairs, it is important to utilize other solutions with less potential impact. The text below contains all the solutions to how one can fix video not working on Android 13.

1. Reboot the Device

The classic solution which can seemingly fix most issues that a device has, rebooting the device is mandatory. Moreover, it can fix issues like short-term system defects and cache issues. To do this, one can press and hold the power button on the device for a few seconds. Then, they should choose to Restart from the power menu that appears.

2. Check the Internet Connection.

A common problem that comes up in viewing videos on external platforms is that of one’s faulty internet connection. If your phone is using Mobile Data, you should switch to Wi-Fi for a better experience. Besides this, the error of No Internet Connection can be a potential reason for issues with videos and consuming content.

3. Re-Enable Android System WebView.

Android phones usually already have Google’s Android WebView system; thus, problems with this can lead to other issues. To fix any issues with it, follow these steps: This will restart the Android System WebView and Fix Video Not Working on Android 13.

4. Uninstall Android System WebView.

A slight continuation of the previous method, one can also remove the Android System WebView entirely.  Doing this, will uninstall the Android System WebView. You can now check and see if this has solved your problem.

5. Update the Specific App.

If the concerning issue inhibits only a certain app, there are three ways to fix this issue. The first of these solutions is to update the app and its contents. On new updates, previous versions of apps usually stop functioning effectively and can be a huge pain.  Here is how to update an app on your device: After this, open the App once again and see if the problem has been resolved.

6. Force Stop and Relaunch the Specific App.

In case updating the app does not work, the second way to fix issues with the App is also easy. This method involves stopping the App’s operations forcefully and relaunching it soon after. Once again, one can perform this by going to the specific App’s Info section under All Apps. Once here, one can Force Stop it and then relaunch it to check for issues.

7. Clear Specific App Cache Data.

When the methods above cannot solve the issue, another method is to fix video not working on Android 13. That is by clearing specific App Cache Data. To clear the app cache data, try the following steps: Clearing the Storage is next up after clearing the cache. Completing this method then requires you to reboot the device entirely. The app should no longer cause problems after rebooting the device.

8. Update the System Software.

Making sure that your phone is up to date with the correct software updates is also quite important. To do this, follow these steps: After the update completes, reboot the device and check if the issue still persists. Rebooting also completes the update and applies all the necessary changes.

9. Wipe Cache Partition.

Another way to fix this issue is by wiping cache partitions. To do this, you will need to follow these steps: Doing so will wipe all cache partitions in your device and solve your problem.

10. Reset App Preferences.

An uncommon but useful way to approach this problem is by resetting app preferences. To do this, follow these steps: Doing so, will reset all App Preferences and allow you to fix video not working on Android 13. 

11. Try Using VLC or MX Player.

One may not realize that they are perhaps trying to view the incorrect format of the video on their phone. As a result, their phones cannot support or play the video. To combat this, one can install VLC or MX Player, which are third-party apps that can support all viewing formats.

12. Disable the Mobile Data Limit.

If unable to switch to Wi-Fi, Mobile Data is still a viable option for viewing videos on all platforms. Problems can arise because the Mobile Data settings limit how much one can use. Turning this off from going to Mobile Data in the settings app is quite easy. One can turn off the option that says Mobile Data Limit or Low Mobile Data. After this, one turns on Airplane Mode, then turns it off to connect to Mobile Data again. This disables the limit and allows one to watch videos without potential glitches or lag.

13. Perform a Factory Reset.

The last solution, if nothing else works for one’s phone, is to erase all data and reset the handset completely.  To reset your phone, follow these steps: After you complete these steps, the phone reboots automatically. Hopefully, this will help you learn How to Fix Video Not Working on Android 13. Be sure to try all the steps mentioned in this article, in the order dictated so that you don’t lose any data. Doing so will help you fix your problem and continue to enjoy watching videos on your Android 13 device. If this guide helped you, please share it. 😊

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