Now the question is how to get the real visitor IP in logs, instead of cloudflare IP. To resolve this, cloudflare provides an Apache module to get real visitor ip and log them. This tutorial will help you to enable Apache mod_cloudflare module on Debian system. Which will log real visitor IP address to Apache access logs.

Install Apache mod_cloudflare on Debian

The cloudflare provides an official module for the Apache server to capture real ip address. You need to enable the PPA of cloudflare module to your Ubuntu system. Add GPG – Open a terminal and execute below commands to enable add gpg key to your system. Add PPA – Then add the cloudflare repository to your debian system Install Package – Next, update Apt cache and install libapache2-mod-cloudflare package on your Ubuntu system. Press ‘Y’ for any confirmation asked during the installation.

Restart Apache

Once the installation completed, restart Apache2 service and check the active modules using the following commands. That’s it. The Apache server will log real IP address of the visitor to the logs.


In this tutorial, you have learned to install Apache cloudflare module on Debian Linux system.

How To Install Apache mod cloudflare on Debian   TecAdmin - 1