Step 1 – Prerequsites

Login to your Debian system using root or sudo privilege user and update the current packages to latest version.

Step 2 – Install Node.js

Bower required Node.js to be installed on the system. Use following set of commands to add node.js PPA on your Debian system and install. Make sure you have successfully installed node.js and NPM on your system

Step 3 – Install Bower on Debian

After installation of node.js and npm on your system. Use the following commands to install Bower on Debian. The Bower has been installed. Let’s check the installed version of bower on your system using the following command.

Step 4 – Using Bower

To install a package using bower run command as: You can also create a bower.json file for your package using bower init. At runtime you can use –save option to save new installed packages bower.json to your using the following command. Here are some more useful commands for bower to install and manage packages: