Step 1 – Prerequisites

First of all, remove any default Docker packages from the system before installation Docker on a Linux VPS. Execute commands to remove unnecessary Docker versions. Now, install some required packages on your system for installing Docker on Debian system. Run the below commands to do this:

Step 2 – Setup Docker PPA

After that, you need to import dockers official GPG key to verify packages signature before installing them with apt-get. Run the below command on terminal. After that add the Docker repository on your Debian system which contains Docker packages including its dependencies. You must have to enable this repository to install Docker on Debian.

Step 3 – Install Docker on Debian 10

Your system is now ready for Docker installation. Run the following commands to upgrade apt index and then install Docker community edition on Debian. After successful installation of Docker community edition, the service will start automatically, Use below command to verify service status. Your system is now ready for running Docker containers. Use our Docker Tutorial for Beginners to working with Docker.

Step 4 – How to Use Docker

After installation of Docker on a Linux. Here are some basic details for search and download Docker images, launch containers and manage them.

Search Docker Images

Download Docker Images

Now make sure that the above images have been downloaded successfully on your system. Below command list all images.

Launch New Container with Image

To exit from docker container type CTRL + P + Q. This will leave container running in the background an provide you host system console. If you used the exit command, it will stop the current container. After exiting from Docker container, execute below command to list all running containers. By default Above command will list only running containers. To list all containers (including stopped container) use the following command.

Start/Stop/Attach Container

You can start, stop or attach to any containers with following commands. To start container use following command. To stop container use following command. To attach to currently running container use following command.

Step 5 – Remove Docker

To remove docker from your Debian system run following command.