This tutorial will help you to install the latest Gimp on macOS using Homebrew.

Step 1 – Prerequisites

Before starting the installation of GIMP using this tutorial you must have the following prerequisites

Terminal: You must have Mac Terminal access and little knowledge about working with the terminal application. Homebrew: Homebrew is a popular package management tools used for installing most open-source software like Node. Here is the Homebrew installation tutorial

Step 2 – Install GIMP on macOS

GIMP can be simply installed with the homebrew package installer. However, it is not available in the current repository of homebrew, hence we have to tap into another repository by using the following command. Then use the following command to install GIMP on the macOS system. Wait for the installation complete.

Step 3 – Launch GIMP Application

You have successfully installed GIMP on macOS. Launch this application on your system.


Gimp is an excellent tool for image manipulations. This tutorial helps you to install GIMP on macOS system.

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